Final Gear Tier List & Reroll Guide (February 2024)

If you aren't sure about the best Pilot in Final Gear then this Tier List will help you out. Also, learn how to do a reroll.

Final Gear is a strategic RPG that features maidens & mechs and is developed by KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. This is a mobile game available for both Android and iOS. Like most recent RPG games this game too supports the idle RPG functionality. That means your pilots will produce products even when you aren’t playing. This game has a lot of pilots for you to choose from. So let’s take a look at the Final Gear Tier List and how to do a reroll.

Final Gear Best Characters Tier List – All Pilots ranked from Best to Worst

final gear tier list and how to reroll

Before we get into the list it is important to know that I have picked only the best characters. Chances are some of your favorite characters might be placed in a different tier or might be completely missing. That is fine as you can still enjoy using them. So now let us get into the list.

Character Tier
Shmily S Tier
Nova S Tier
Lilian S Tier
Morgan S Tier
Bernadette S Tier
Krista S Tier
Motoko Kusanagi S Tier
Viorate S Tier
Rei Ayanami S Tier
Mari Makanami Illustrious S Tier
Elizabeth S Tier
Asuka Shikinami Langley S Tier
Rin Kamiuezono S Tier
Taysia Graft A Tier
Snowy A Tier
Kaworu Nagisa A Tier
Sumora A Tier
Mirabelle A Tier
Aya Kujyo A Tier
Alexa A Tier
Nia A Tier
Purin Esaki A Tier
Flavia A Tier
Danngo Kobayashi A Tier
Eloise A Tier
Natasha A Tier
Viola A Tier
Batou A Tier
α-16 A Tier
Serenity B Tier
Garren B Tier
Karan B Tier
Cynthia B Tier
Shinji Ikari B Tier
PN26 Elizabeth B Tier
Evelynn B Tier
A-16 B Tier
Coreleah B Tier
Sweety C Tier
Margaret C Tier
Patricia C Tier
Thea C Tier
Ariel C Tier
Grave C Tier
Murasaki C Tier
Chilino C Tier
Rinbell C Tier
Amber C Tier
Shyaditty C Tier
Chalice D Tier
Phoenix D Tier
Rebeyrca D Tier
Leigh D Tier
Jessie D Tier
paula D Tier
Breeze Thallo D Tier
Miroa D Tier
Akari Onikage D Tier
Helena D Tier

How to do a Reroll in Final Gear Guide

  1. Open the game. Instead of linking with your main account, use a guest account.
  2. Complete the tutorial. In case you are bored of the texts, you can simply skip them. This will help finish the tutorial faster.
  3. Unlock the log-in rewards and Recruitment menu by finishing the chapter 2 and 3 of this game.
  4. Claim all the rewards.
  5. Do the recruit tutorial. Pull the Special Novice Recruit until you get the SSR pilot of your choice. You can do these pulls by using referrals and crystals.
  6. In case you didn’t get the pilot of your choice simply use the switch account button to make another account.
  7. Since you are using a guest account you can clear data to get another guest account.
  8. Do these steps repeatedly until you get the pilot you needed.

Once you get the Pilot of your choice, you can choose to link your account or continue playing with the guest account.

That covers this tier list for Best pilots in Final Gear and how to do a reroll. Since you like playing this game be sure to check the Final Gear All Promotional Codes. And for more things, mobile games check our other Lists on Dragon Quest Dai and Mario Kart Tour Tier Lists.