Mario Kart Tour Tier List 2023: Best Characters And Items

Mario Kart has a lot of characters and items to choose from. Let's take a look at the best of them in this Tier List.

Mario Kart is a beloved game to many players. These games are mostly exclusive to its handheld devices and consoles like 3ds and Switch. But with the addition of Mario Kart Tour, you can now enjoy this game on your phones as well. It is a game developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. for Android and iOS devices. This game offers you a lot of characters to play as and has a variety of items to use in the races. So let us take a look at this Mario Kart Tour Tier list to find out which ones are the best.

Best Mario Kart Tour Characters Tier List 2023

mario kart tour tier list best characters and items

Since there are a lot of characters in this game I haven’t picked all the characters but have covered most characters to help you pick the best character. Also, as this game has a lot of characters chances are some of your favorites might be in a different tier list or could be completely missing. Don’t worry if that is the case because you can still have fun playing with your favorite character. So now let’s check the best Mario Kart Tour Characters List.

Tier Character
S-Tier Peach (Halloween)
S-Tier Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES)
S-Tier Rosalina (Swimwear)
S-Tier King Bob-omb (Gold)
S-Tier Luigi (Classic)
S-Tier Pauline (Party Time)
S-Tier Mario (Sunshine)
S-Tier Birdo (Black)
S-Tier Mario (Halloween)
S-Tier Dry Bones (Gold)
S-Tier King Boo (Gold)
S-Tier Peach (Vacation)
S-Tier Mario (Chef)
S-Tier Cat Peach
S-Tier Mario (Tuxedo)
S-Tier Luigi (Painter)
S-Tier Yoshi (Reindeer)
S-Tier Nabbit
S-Tier Mario (Hakama)
S-Tier Lakitu (Party Time)
S-Tier Pink Gold Peach
S-Tier Black Yoshi
S-Tier Shy Guy (Gold)
S-Tier Shy Guy (Ninja)
S-Tier Daisy (Fairy)
A-Tier Mario (Racing)
A-Tier King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion)
A-Tier Luigi (Lederhosen)
A-Tier Dry Bowser (Gold)
A-Tier Dixie Kong
A-Tier Peach (Happi) NEW
A-Tier Bowser (Santa)
A-Tier Toadette (Explorer)
A-Tier Pauline
A-Tier Builder Mario
A-Tier Baby Rosalina (Detective)
A-Tier Peach (Kimono)
A-Tier Daisy (Yukata)
A-Tier Cat Toad
A-Tier Waluigi (Bus Driver)
A-Tier King Bob-omb
A-Tier Mario (Santa)
A-Tier White Yoshi
A-Tier Yoshi (Kangaroo)
A-Tier Gold Koopa (Freerunning)
A-Tier Funky Kong
A-Tier Rosalina (Aurora)
A-Tier Daisy (Holiday Cheer)
A-Tier Dry Bowser
A-Tier Fire Rosalina
A-Tier Peach (Wintertime)
A-Tier Builder Toad
A-Tier Builder Luigi
A-Tier Peach (Explorer)
A-Tier Peach (Wedding)
A-Tier Metal Mario
A-Tier Kamek
A-Tier Penguin Mario
A-Tier Mario (Happi)
B-Tier Luigi
B-Tier Waluigi
B-Tier Yoshi (Egg Hunt)
B-Tier Baby Peach (Cherub)
B-Tier King Boo
B-Tier Pauline (Rose)
B-Tier Mario (Baseball)
B-Tier Baby Mario (Koala)
B-Tier Shy Guy (Pastry Chef)
B-Tier Ice Mario
B-Tier Mario (Swimwear)
B-Tier Penguin Luigi
B-Tier Green Shy Guy
B-Tier Builder Toadette
B-Tier Mario (Musician)
B-Tier Wario (Hiker)
B-Tier Wario (Cowboy)
B-Tier Birdo (Light Blue)
B-Tier Mario (SNES)
B-Tier Donkey Kong
B-Tier Rosalina (Halloween)
B-Tier Bowser
B-Tier Black Shy Guy
B-Tier Mario (Classic)
C-Tier Dry Bones
C-Tier Red Yoshi
C-Tier Toad (Party Time)
C-Tier Penguin Toad
C-Tier Wendy
C-Tier Wario
C-Tier Birdo (Yellow)
C-Tier Daisy (Swimwear)
C-Tier Boomerang Bro
C-Tier Baby Rosalina
C-Tier Peachette
C-Tier Captain Toad
C-Tier Blue Yoshi
C-Tier Mario
D-Tier Bowser Jr. (Pirate)
D-Tier Baby Peach
D-Tier Bowser Jr.
D-Tier Ludwig
D-Tier Toad (Pit Crew)
D-Tier Baby Daisy
D-Tier Blue Koopa (Freerunning)
D-Tier Iggy
D-Tier Koopa Troopa
D-Tier Lemmy
D-Tier Fire Bro
D-Tier Birdo
D-Tier Red Koopa (Freerunning)

Best Mario Kart Tour Items Tier List

This game has a lot of items that you can use in the race to get ahead of the others. While if you are already first you can use certain items to sabotage the ones in the back. So let us take a look at the best Mario Kart Tour Items List.

Tier Item
S-Tier Bullet Bill
S-Tier Red Shell
S-Tier Super Bell
S-Tier Mega Mushroom
S-Tier Blue Shell
S-Tier Bowser’s Shell
S-Tier Super Horn
S-Tier Lucky Seven
A-Tier Hammer
A-Tier Giga Bob-omb
A-Tier Triple Green Shells
A-Tier Triple Mushrooms
A-Tier Giant Banana
A-Tier Super Star
A-Tier Fire Flower
A-Tier Mushroom Cannon
B-Tier Yoshi’s Egg
B-Tier Birdo’s Egg
B-Tier Green Shell
B-Tier Mushroom
B-Tier Triple Bananas
B-Tier Double Bob-ombs
B-Tier Bob-omb Cannon
B-Tier Boomerang Flower
B-Tier Ice Flower
B-Tier Heart
C-Tier Lightning
C-Tier Banana
C-Tier Bob-omb
C-Tier Banana Barrels
C-Tier Bubble
D-Tier Dash Ring
D-Tier Blooper
D-Tier Coin Box
D-Tier Coin

That sums up this Mario Kart Tour tier list. If you like playing mobile games be sure to check our mobile games guides and for more such lists check out our tier lists.