Where Did Fia Go From Roundtable Hold In Elden Ring? (Answered)

Check out our guide on where did Fia go and where to find her in Elden Ring.

There’s a wide range of characters that contribute to you becoming an Elden Lord in Elden Ring. Fia is one of the NPCs found in the Roundtable Hold. She is a deathbed companion that debuffs you to offer a greater buff with Baldachin’s Blessing consumable. As she hugs and embraces you, your health will decrease by 5%. But this consumable also offers a 35% physical damage negation for a temporary time. To not spoil the lore, she leaves the Roundtable Hold after some alterations with D and Rogier. But can you find her for one more hug? Yes! So, here’s our guide on where did Fia go and where to find her in Elden Ring.

Where Did Fia Go in Elden Ring?

You can find Fia, the Deathbed Companion at the Deeproot Depths after she leaves the Roundtable hold. But before you head to the Deeproot Depths, you need to defeat the Starscourge Radahn to unlock the Nokron, Eternal City. You also need to get the Cursemark of Death. You can find the Cursemark at the top of the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Once you are done with all prerequisites, head towards the Nokron Eternal City.

Follow the mentioned below steps to get to her:

  • As you reach there, you will come across the Ancestral Woods, the Site of Grace. You can rest and save your location over there.
  • Now, there are two ways to reach the Deeproot Depths.
  • You can go through the hidden tunnel from the boss room of Mohg.
  • Alternatively, you can head over straight to the Siofra Aqueduct and fight Valiant Gargoyle.
  • After you have defeated it, rest in the coffin to teleport to the Deeproot depths.
  • Head over in a north direction to find the map of the location which will make it easier to traverse.
  • Then, head in a northeast direction to the Nameless Eternal site of Grace.
  • Head again towards the northeast direction to get to the Prince of Death’s throne, the site of Grace.
  • Once you reach there, defeat Fia’s champions that will come right at you and strike first.

elden ring where did fia go

  • Then, rest at the Site of Grace to reload the area. You will find Fia sitting right in front of you on a rock structure.

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