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How To Beat Valiant Gargoyle In Elden Ring (Boss Fight Guide)

Follow this guide to know how you can beat the Valiant Gargoyles in Elden Ring.

The Valiant Gargoyle in Elden Ring is Great Enemy Boss. It is an optional Boss fight so the players can choose to ignore it but completing the Boss Fight will yield some good rewards. What sets this Boss Fight apart from the rest is that it’s a Duo-Boss Style Fight. The Boss Fight consists of Valiant Gargoyle & Valiant Gargoyle(Twinblade). In this guide, I will show you how to Beat Valiant Gargoyle Boss Fight in Elden Ring.

How to Beat the Valiant Gargoyle Boss Fight in Elden Ring


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The Valiant Gargoyle Boss is located in the lowest level of Siofra Aqueduct in Nokron, Eternal City. Once you pass through the Fog Wall, the Valiant Gargoyle will jump down and will start to attack you. The Valiant Gargoyle will have two Weapons, a Greatsword & a Two-Handed Axe. It will switch between the two at certain points, you will be indicated with some sparks on it. The best time to attack it is when it equips the Axe. Its attacks get slower so you can get some good hits on it.

If you are a ranged class then you should always keep your distance. The fight will get very easy for you. Those who have opted for a close-range class, try and get as close to the Valiant Gargoyle. Whenever it changes Weapons, it will immediately attack with the other weapon. Be very careful when this happens. This is also a good opportunity to get some hits in.


Once you have the Valiant Gargoyle to half health, the Valiant Gargoyle (Twinblade) will join in the fight. This one will have a Twinblade & the Two-Handed Axe. Around this time, the Valiant Gargoyles will start to spew out poison onto the field. Avoid as much as you can as it will quickly deplete your health. Continue to attack the First Gargoyle till it dies. The second one is a bit trickier than the first one. The steps explained above will work on the second one as well but it will be tougher. The second Valiant Gargoyle has a berserker type buff and will act a bit wilder than the before one. Needless to say, you will be able to take care of it with zero problems.

Tips & Tricks to do in the Boss Fight

No matter what build you have, always carry a Shield. I will recommend carrying one with the Barricade Shield Ashes of War on it. Builds that use Magic or long-range attacks will have it easier than other builds. The second Valiant Gargoyle will do a spinning jump attack. Dodge by focusing off of it and dodging in front of you. If timed well, you will not lose any health. The first one does a similar attack but it is easier to dodge. The first Valiant Gargoyles will do a magic move that will send a Beam of energy that follows the ground. It will be headed towards you. This attack will curve to the right at a certain point. So whenever you do see it coming, dodge to the left if possible. You can use Summons here so get the best Summon Spirit you have. it doesn’t necessarily need to be the best one. It just needs to tank while you dish out the Damage.


After you defeat both of them, you will get the Gargoyle’s Greatsword & Gargoyle’s Twinblade along with a lot of Runes. This was all about how to beat the Valiant Gargoyle Boss Fight in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How To Hotkey Items For Quick Access in Elden Ring.