Should You Kill Patches In Elden Ring?

Here's our guide on whether you should kill Patches or not in Elden Ring.

Patches’ is one of the returning NPC from the Dark Souls and Demon Souls in Elden Ring. Like all the installments, he is a sly opportunist who doesn’t fail to grovel when he is at disadvantage. You will encounter him while fighting against him. As a guy who doesn’t hesitate to throw a white flag during fights, he will plead for a surrender. While it is up to you if you want to kill him or set him loose. Here’s our guide on whether you should kill Patches or not in Elden Ring.

What Happens When you Kill Patches?

  • You will encounter him inside the Murkwater Cave in Limgrave. As you enter a cave, there will be a treasure chest.
  • Upon opening it, you will get Cloth Garb and Trousers.
  • Then, Patches will accuse you of stealing a man’s personal belongings and come at you to fight right away.
  • He will plead for surrender when his health bar depletes by 40%.
  • If you choose to defeat him, he will drop the following things:
    • Spear +7
    • Leather Armor
    • Patches Bell Bearing
    • Leather Gloves
    • Leather Boots

Should you kill Patches in Elden Ring?

  • While you may get valuable items for defeating him, we suggest not killing Patches.
  • If you accept his surrender he will accept his defeat and become a merchant.
elden ring kill patches
Image Source – Sad Pickel on YouTube.
  • You can purchase several items from him, including Stonesword key, Festering bloody fingers, and Furlcalling Finger remedy.
  • In addition to that, you can also get Margit’s Shackle from him. It is an essential tool in beating Margit, the fell Omen.
  • Once you have killed Patches, you cannot revive him using a celestial dew.
  • Killing him will also result in losing his entire questline.
  • Also, you will be unable to get the Bull-Goat set for defeating Great Horn Targoth in a quest with Patches.
  • Although Patches is a chatterbox, he is more worth to you alive rather than dead.
  • Thus, when he asks for surrender during the fight, forgive him.
  • You will get his signature Grovel for mercy emote and two Golden Runes as a reward.

While I don’t believe in second chances much, he will truly tone down his temper to become a merchant in this location for a while.

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