FF7 Ever Crisis Best Weapons Tier List (October 2023)

Don't know which weapons are best for Zack, Aerith, and Cloud? Use this Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Weapons tier list to learn.

Equipping weak weapons to overpowered characters degrades their potential, so use this Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Weapons tier list and use them to their maximum capability. Aerith, Matt, Cloud, Glenn, and Zack must be equipped with the best, as we have to use them a lot in Story mode. Also, Aerith and Cloud are S-tier heroes who we use for Solo Dungeons, Tower, and boss fights. And when other characters fail to complete the mission, we use them for clearing and unlocking the next episode.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Weapons Tier List

Best Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Weapons

This FF7EC Weapons tier list is divided into six sections: S+, S, A+, A, B, and C. Weapons of this game come with different abilities, stats, and rarity. You can enhance them to level up their abilities and stats. And also increase their rarity. This is why no weapons are ranked below the C tier.

S+ Tier Weapons

  • Wizer Staff (Aerith)
  • Rest in Peace (Glenn)
  • Broadsword: Axis (Matt)
  • Apology in Hell (Glenn)
  • Apocalypse (Cloud)
  • Assault Gun (Barret)
  • Murasame (Cloud)
  • Zweihander (Zack)
  • Flame Projector (Barret)

S Tier Weapons

  • Sonic Striker (Tifa)
  • Fairy Tale (Aerith)
  • W Machine (Barret)
  • Pulse Gun (Lucia)
  • Serpent Eater (Lucia)
  • Killer Hornet (Matt)
  • Piece of Cake (Glenn)
  • Cutlass (Zack)
  • Platinum Collar (Red XIII)
  • Tiger Fangs (Tifa)

A+ Tier Weapons

  • Buster Sword (Cloud)
  • Kaiser Knuckles (Tifa)
  • Silver Staff (Aerith)
  • Grand Gloves (Tifa)
  • Mad Minute (Lucia)
  • Mythril Rod (Aerith)
  • Shockbuster (Glenn)
  • Junk Collar (Red XIII)
  • Enemy Launcher (Barret)
  • Falchion (Zack)
  • Crystal Sword (Z) (Zack)

A Tier Weapons

  • V39 (Lucia)
  • Full Metal Staff (Aerith)
  • CrewKicker (Glenn)
  • Crystal Gloves (Tifa)
  • Black Rifle (Lucia)
  • Microlaser (Barret)
  • Crystal Sword (Cloud)
  • Arc Sword (Zack)
  • Jiggyfam (Glenn)
  • Hardedge (Cloud)
  • Noble Collar (Red XIII)
  • Guard Stick (Aeirth)
  • Solid Bazooka (Barret)
  • Defender (Zack)

B Tier Weapons List

  • Enhance Sword (Cloud)
  • Slick Beetle (Matt)
  • Orthodox Raven (Matt)
  • Absolute Royal (Matt)
  • Max Ray (Barret)
  • Heavy Vulcan (Barret)
  • Gold Collar (Red XIII)
  • Rage Collar (Red XIII)
  • Guard Stick (Aeirth)
  • Gatling Gun (Barret)
  • Butterfly Edge (Cloud)
  • Rubber Collar (Red XIII)
  • Enhance Sword (Z) (Zack)
  • Mythril Saber (Cloud)
  • SSR1976 (Lucia)
  • Tranquilizer (Lucia)

C Tier Weapons

  • Stingray (Matt)
  • Organics (Cloud)
  • Sleek Collar (Red XIII)
  • Prime Number (Matt)
  • Power Soul (Tifa)
  • Motor Drive (Tifa)
  • Iron Blade (Cloud)
  • Leather Gloves (Tifa)
  • Personal Style (Glenn)
  • Barn Swallow (Lucia)
  • Leather Collar (Red XIII)
  • Core Defender (Matt)
  • Striking Staff (Aerith)
  • Hardcore Squad (Glenn)
  • Espee Rapiere Next-G (Matt)
  • Type-99 Longsword (Zack)

That’s all for the Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Weapons tier list. We have covered many topics from FF7EC. If you are curious, check out how to Link Data and then learn about the best characters of FF7 Ever Crisis.