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FF7 Ever Crisis Best Characters Tier List

Not sure which characters are best in FF7EC? Check out this Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis tier list.

Can’t decide between all the heroes of FF7EC? Use this Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis tier list to learn about the best characters. One of the most awaited mobile games of the year is finally here. You’ll be reliving the memorable moments of FFVII and see the untold story of Sephiroth. It features many interesting and strong playable characters. They excel in their ability, have unique skills, and possibly have more to discover. The character choice is diverse, including the fiery beast too. Coming from different backgrounds and having distinct powers, they hold a similarity. They are heroes who will protect the world.

Best Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Characters Tier List

Best Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Characters Tier List

The characters are divided into three tiers: S, A, and B. At the time of writing, there aren’t many characters, but all the present ones are strong and reliable. This is why we haven’t ranked them lower than B. S tier heroes are the strongest and their abilities will help you best when you progress. A is a little weaker than the S, but if you can master their usage, they will conquer everywhere. The last tier B characters can be used against powerful enemies if needed.

S Tier Characters

  • Aerith Gainsborough – A flower girl living in the Sector 5 slums.
  • Cloud Strife – Former SOLDIER: First Class.

A Tier Heroes

  • Matt Winsord – Shinra SOLDIER: P0 Class.
  • Barret Wallace – Anti-Shinra organization Avalanche’s leader.
  • Red XIII – Fiery beast who speaks the language of humans.
  • Zack Fair – Shinra SOLDIER: P0 Class.

B Tier Characters

  • Tifa Lockheart – Anti-Shinra organization Avalanche’s member.
  • Glenn Lodbrock – Shinra SOLDIER: P0 Class.
  • Lucia Lin – Shinra SOLDIER: P0 Class.

With this Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis tier list you can now select and invest your resources in the right characters. If you like fantasy adventure games you should check out our mobile guides. Also in case your FF7 Ever Crisis is crashing, you can refer to the linked guide and fix it.