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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Reroll Guide (FF7EC)

Don't want Cloud to use Buster Sword? Here is how to reroll and get better Weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.

Haven’t got any S-tier weapons, so you want to reroll Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis? Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do that. Also, what else to do, and why you should or shouldn’t reroll FF7EC? The game provides a massive list of weapons for all the characters. These weapons are based on the character design, such as you will see Staffs with Aerith and Swords with Zack and Cloud. Not all items are as good as they sound though. If you invest your resources in weak pieces, you will find it difficult to progress afterward. And that’s why you need to reroll till you get S or A tier list weapons.

How to Reroll in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Before you reroll, you should know that all your data will reset with the process. So if you haven’t progressed much, then only use this method. Or else you can keep completing missions and earn various rewards, including Gacha Tickets. Also collecting a certain number of Stamps in the Featured banner gives you a unique reward of no less than four stars. Collecting blue crystals for Gacha is not very difficult either. But if you still wish to reroll Ever Crisis and start afresh, follow these steps.

  • If you have linked your account, go to Link Data from the Menu. Select Delete Account, and remove it.
  • Now, there are two ways to delete an account in the game.
  • The first method is to go back to the Menu. It is a list icon in the upper right corner.

Reroll in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

  • Under the Other section of the Menu is the Delete Account option. It is a little lengthy process. Complete it and reroll your FF7 Ever Crisis.
  • The second method is much simpler. When you launch the game, stay at the title screen and tap on the list icon from the upper right corner.

Reroll FF7 Ever Crisis

  • Under Game Data, you will see a Reset Game Data option. Use it to reset the game faster.
  • When you restart, you will be given the option of completing the tutorial. Since you have already played the game, you don’t need it, so skip it.
  • Go into the Draw and Draw using Tickets from Featured and Special.

With this, you can now reroll your Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis and get powerful weapons. This fantasy offers three stories, so there are many things you can do here. If you are curious about them, you should check our FF7EC guides. Start by learning about the best characters and then know how to fix Network Error.

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