Monster Hunter World Super Abalone Farming Guide

Wondering where you can get Super Abalone in Monster Hunter World? Here’s everything you need to know.

With a huge world to explore, players will have to collect numerous items and resources that will help them survive. While many can be found easily, some items will be difficult to farm since their locations are not exactly known. One such item that Meowscular Chef will ask you to look for is the Super Abalone in Monster Hunter World.

While they are a part of a quest, they will be helpful in upgrading your canteen. As part of the quest, What a Bunch of Abalone, players will have the chance to farm 10 Super Abalone which they can later use to upgrade the canteen. If you don’t know the locations of these items, we will show you exactly where you can find the 10 Super Abalone.

How to Get Super Abalone in Monster Hunter World

How to Get Super Abalone in Monster Hunter World

To farm Super Abalone in Monster Hunter World, players need to look for Conch Shells located in the Coral Highlands. They are spread across Section 5 to Section 9 and can be identified from the map itself. While the drop from Conch Shells is random, you will soon be able to farm 10 Super Abalone if you keep trying.

Wait for the Conch Shells to be recharged and you can farm more items from them. Keep in mind that whether it is Super Abalone or other items, you can use Conch Shells to get numerous items.

If you read the quest description, you might also see the deliver part of the quest. However, unlike other deliver quests, you don’t really have to deliver the Super Abalone once you farm them. You can simply use them to upgrade your canteen instead.

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