How To Find RARE Golden Eggs In Fall Guys

Here's what the rare Golden eggs in Fall Guys do. Use them for your benefit and get extra points!

Did you know that there are some rare Golden Eggs in Fall Guys that you can get your hands on? You will see them in two specific mini-games and they serve a very important purpose – giving you extra points. But how do you find them and how to use them? Know all the necessary information in this Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout guide.

Fall Guys Golden Eggs: How to Get them

The Golden Eggs in Fall Guys can prove to be essential for a win but they aren’t found in all mini-games. Players can get their hands on the rare golden eggs in Egg Scramble and Fall Ball and yes, both are team games. That means you have to be lucky enough to get good teammates in order to get the advantage. It’s all about luck but you can narrow your chances by expecting the eggs in these two mini-games specifically.

Golden Egg in Egg Scramble


In Fall Guys Egg Scramble mini-game, you will see three golden eggs. Every egg will give you five points so you know how important they are. They can turn a game in your favor. Use the strategies you would use for Egg Scramble but be more aggressive for these special eggs. You can even stand in your goal area to ensure that no one steals your eggs, or go to the other team’s goal to steal from them.

Golden Egg in Fall Ball

If you are lucky, your soccer ball will be replaced by a Golden egg. It is hard to miss it because it will be a giant egg that you will be tossing around. Once you push it into a goal, you will get five points. Work with your team to get the coveted points that will surely qualify you to the next round.

This is how you can give yourself a much-needed boost by finding and using the rare Golden Eggs in Fall Guys. So, the next time you see them, you know what to do! Don’t miss other such hidden secrets, hints and other tips that we have for you in our Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout guides. To beat the final rounds and be the ultimate winner, read our guides on how to win Fall Mountain, Hex-a-Gone and Royal Fumble.