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How To Win Fall Mountain In Fall Guys Easily

Want to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys? You will need some crucial tips, tricks and strategies. Read them all in this final round guide.

Fall Mountain in Fall Guys is one of the final rounds that can earn you the highly coveted crown. It is not a difficult obstacle race as such, but even one mistake can lead to your elimination. Nothing will hurt more than successfully reaching the final round and getting eliminated just before jumping on the crown. So, here are some important tips and tricks to win Fall Mountain in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Fall Mountain: Best Tips and Strategies


There are various obstacles on the way that you need to smartly dodge so that your journey to the crown is effortless. Many times, luck will play an important role and it will be crucial for your win. But luck without a strategy will make you lose, so here’s what you can do.

The balls that fall down initially will most likely hit the spinners on the extreme sides. So avoid those sides, walk towards the other side and keep going up. Remember to jump wherever needed so that you don’t lose your momentum.

Make sure to aim the camera upwards so that you don’t get any surprises and you can plan your next move accordingly. Make sure to stick to the walls so that you can utilize the space to save yourself from the falling balls.


Wherever you see the diamond shaped blocks, you can protect yourself right there for a second or two.

Next, for the spinning hammers, you can stick to the walls and jump at the right time to avoid being hit. Make sure to go in the same rotation so that in case it hits you, you will get a push. If you don’t, it will throw you backwards.

The final spinning hammers at the very end can prove to be beneficial or detrimental depending on your timing. Try your best to have a position that will give you a speed boost.


Finally, when you reach the edge of the area right next to the crown, you have to jump on the crown and grab it. Only jumping on it will not make you win, you must remember to grab it too.

The crown will be levitating and at some point, it will be too high. Don’t stop completely because of this. Keep running in circles so that you don’t lose the momentum needed to jump. It doesn’t matter which part of the crown you grab, as long as you grab it.

Overall, this obstacle course is super fun and you can absolutely win when you don’t make any mistakes. We hope this guide will help you win the ultimate crown in Fall Guys. Be sure to read all our other helpful Fall Guys guides to excel in other mini games and win more final rounds.