The Elder Scrolls Online: Trifling Glyph Of Health Guide

Here's how to craft & get Trifling Glyph of Health in ESO.

Trifling Glyph of Health is the key part of the Enchanter Certification quest in The Elder Scrolls Online. But it is outright not explained how to create this item. So if you wondering the same don’t worry we got you covered. Today we will look at how to get Trifling Glyph of Health in ESO.

How to Get Trifling Glyph of Health in ESO?

The ESO Trifling Glyph of Health has the ability to give more max health bar, and you can only use it on items below level 10. To craft & make Trifling Glyph of Health you need to use Enchanting Station (Creation menu) in ESO with runes like Ta, Oko, & Jora. Craft a Trifling Glyph of Health is important in the Enchanter Certification quest in ESO. So if you looking to get this glyph, then you can get it as part of a side quest.

Trifling Glyph of Health Elder Scrolls Online

If you are at Enchanting level 10, then you can skip the Enchanter Certification quest as you will automatically get the Enchanter Certification once you reach this level. So it’s best to start this quest early on to reap more benefits out of this side quest. So to start the Enchanter Certification quest, you need to go to the Local Enchantment Shop or Mages Guild in First Cities. Then you need to speak with Danel Telleno. You will have to Harvest Runestones to get Potency, Essence, and Aspect Runes. Then meet Danel Telleno near the Enchanting Station in Enchanting Shop. He will ask you to collect Jora, Oko, & Ta runes by going outside the First Cities. But if you already have these runes with you then you don’t have to go hunt for them again. You can craft Trifling Glyph of Health at the Enchanting Station. Apart from keeping this glyph as a reward, you also get 166 Gold, 1000 exp, and Jejota.

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