How To Increase Shield Faction XP In Marvel’s Avengers

Here's a complete guide explaining how to enhance Shield Faction XP In Marvel’s Avengers.

If you want to farm experience points for a specific faction then our guide on how to increase Shied Faction XP will surely explain what activities you can perform to do so and gain a lot of faction rewards in Marvel’s Avengers.

As of now, there are two factions available in Marvel’s Avengers — The Shield Faction and Inhuman Alliance Faction. For the unversed, Factions are nothing but golden opportunities to earn plenty of experience points and earn reputation with a particular group.

Whenever you enhance a Faction level, it is likely that you earn faction rewards and will be able to buy higher levelled items from the faction vendor.

How To Increase Shield Faction XP In Marvel’s Avengers

Performing Shield Related activities can earn you a lot of experience points. Objectives are the largest source of individual experience point. Now, go to the main menu and look under the Objectives tab. Here you will see both available mission and the rewards. You will have to find out the one which has the largest Shield Faction XP rewards.

There is one more option to increase faction level instantly and it is daily missions. The Shield Faction Coordinator is aboard the carrier. They assign you a daily mission every day for defeating a boss and daily assignments. Be sure to check every day as they update new missions on a daily basis.

There are certain faction-specific missions that help you earn experience points. If you managed to complete missions at the faction locations, thay provide a small bonus to faction XP.  You can also get small boosts to a rep by opening strongboxes and other chests.