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How To Make Money & Gold Fast in New World

Gold is the currency you use in New World. In this guide, you'll learn how to earn Gold quickly and get this money fast in New World.

Gold is the money aka in-game currency in New World and knowing how to make it fast in-game quickly lets you purchase, craft and do other stuff in-game. In-game currencies are important to access higher grade resources almost all the time, So it’s no surprise even for New World.
Here’s a guide to help you earn money aka gold faster in New World.

How to Make Money Fast in New World


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The easiest and fastest way to get money fast and earn gold quickly in New World is to complete all Quests and Missions be it main or side, craft and sell items and check the trading posts to sell high-value resources to other players for huge amounts of gold. Here’s more on how you can earn money fast and get gold quickly in New World.

Completing All Quests and Missions Available


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By completing quests, not only do you unlock more gold but you also unlock more abilities, get the chance to unlock upgrades, and much more. Moreover, if you’re in the gathering class build, you’ll be able to gather rarer resources. It cannot be stressed enough as to how important completing even the smaller quests in New World are. Town project missions, Faction missions are among these important missions you’ll need to finish. Completing these will make you rich pretty quickly. This is one of the strongest and most rewarding routes to earning gold money fast in New World.

Use the Trading Post


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Probably the best way to make money quickly and get gold fast in New World is to use the trading post in New World to sell stuff. Luck does come into play here. However, for those that keep a close eye on the trades and in-demand resources, you can easily multiply and make a fortune at the trading post. Here’s all that you can sell to quickly earn gold in New World.

  • Raw Resources – players in a hurry will instantly buy these off the trading post.
  • Gathered Resources – If you’ve got a higher rank in this build, you can easily get some pretty top-tier resources and sell them. This will return doubles and triples when in demand. Wait for a while to see if any particular resources are in demand before you sell them.
  • Crafted Items – If you’ve crafted items that you no longer need, there’s a chance there are players who might and don’t really want to invest time in crafting them. Simply post these on the trading post and quickly earn gold in New World.
  • Ingredients – You can spend time harvesting these in huge amounts. Whenever players seek these ingredients, they wish to make a bulk purchase. Hold onto these and wait for your lucky day to arrive. Here are a few guides on how to get parsley and locations for paprika in New World
  • Bags – Bags are the only way you can improve your inventory storage space in New World. Crafting these especially at a high tier could return huge amounts of gold quickly.

Direct Trading in New World


Making use of direct trading saves you the tax reduction and moreover lets you get a better profit margin in the long run. Smart move, Amazon games.

Tips and Tricks to Earn More Gold in New World

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In addition to the aforementioned methods, here are a few tips and tricks to help you earn more gold in New World. Follow these to get some money quickly.

  • Level up the following skills to be able to get better quality resources and items
  • Always check out prices in different regions and sell where the price is at its peak.
  • You can use this same selling tactic for merchants.
  • While embarking on quests, use equipment that gets you boosted chances of loot quality.
  • Moreover, you can also farm gold during quests where the enemies are easy to take down. This, however, is not quick and is just an additional little route to earning gold.
  • When you craft amulets, use charms.
  • When using ingredients for food, get to using luck modifiers
  • Unlock as many trophies as you can, these boost your luck and drop better chances for rarer loot.
  • Craft as many bags as you can. Inventory is more than important in New World. With a wide range of items and resources to hunt for, it’s crucial to have these at your disposal.
  • Moreover, bags are currently the only way players can increase or hold inventory space in New World. This simply means that those players possessing high-tier bags are sitting on a gold mine.
  • Potion materials, crafting materials, tools, etc can return more than a handsome amount of gold quickly in New World.
  • Upgrade your resource tracking skill in New World.

That’s pretty much all there is to earn gold and get more money quickly in New World. We hope this guide was of help to you. If you use these methods in your game, you’ll definitely earn some pretty serious gold. Needless to say that all these methods will not work unless you understand the game clearly. Even if you’ve progressed up to a good level, we highly recommend going through this New World Beginner’s Guide, in order to get an understanding of the game in-depth. Furthermore, to save yourself the frustration when you do encounter it, learn how you can avoid and fix the unrecoverable error in New World. You can also further better your experience of the game b tweaking your system to get max FPS in New World.