How To Track Resources In New World

In this guide you'll learn all about how you can track resources in New World.

In Amazon’s New World you will gain the ability to track animals and other various resources. To be able to gain this ability there are some criteria you’ll need to fulfill. In this guide, we’ll walk you through it.

How to Track Resources in New World?

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In order to be able to track resources in New World, you’ll have to take your gathering skills into account. The more you level up all the more will animals and a variety of resource tracking be added to your capabilities. It is crucial that you don’t look for a quick method, and rather understand how it works first. Begin by gathering at lower-level resource points. Continue until you completely fill a gather meter. For each meter filling, a gathering level boosts up. As your gathering level increases, you’ll be able to track resources with specific ones indicating their presence via a compass when you’re near them. This indication can be found at the top part of your screen. To make things simpler, here’s a table with each resource, the level at which you can track it as well as its designated gathering skill.

Gathering Skill Level Required for Each Resource

Resource Name  Level Req Gathering Skill 
Farm Plants 20 Harvesting
Iron 25 Mining
Small Prey 25 Tracking and Skinning
Hemp 25 Harvesting
Silver 35 Mining
Oil 45 Mining
Magical Plants 45 Harvesting
Medium Prey 50 Tracking and Skinning
Gold 70 Mining
Alchemy Stones 75 Mining
Large Prey 75 Tracking and Skinning
Wyrdwood 125 Logging
Star metal 125 Mining
Small Predator 125 Tracking and Skinning
Silkweed 125 Harvesting
Platinum 135 Mining
Lodestone 155 Mining
Ironwood 175 Logging
Large Predator 175 Tracking and Skinning
Magical Creatures 175 Harvesting
Orichalcum 200 Mining
Wirefiber 200 Harvesting

This table is arranged to help you locate the closest resource to track at the level you’re closest to. That’s all there is to know about tracking resources in New World. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you’re new to playing New World, here’s a guide that will help you understand how to play New World.