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New World Max FPS Boost Guide

Are you finding your FPS output on the lower end in New World? Here's a complete list of steps using which you can boost your FPS to the max in New World.

New World by Amazon is causing gamers around to world to frantically search for ways and means to boost their system to get the Max FPS out of it. The game though really smooth and well-played over 60 FPS still leaves more to be desired. Here’s a guide listing ways to help you boost and get maximum FPS in New World.

How to Get Maximum FPS Boost in New World

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In order to get a max FPS boost in New World, you need to optimize and tweak your system to utilize adequate resources and network to the game. Here’s how you can do the same.

Run New World on Lower Graphics to Boost FPS

Running the game on lower graphics means, the GPU demands lesser resources thereby allocating more to performance. However, It’s up to you to decide if the FPS for Aesthetics trade-off is what you really want. Here are some settings to help you out.

Ensure Your Drivers are Updated

Just before the release of New World, both the graphical titans Nvidia and AMD released updates for drivers. Now while these may not be related to New World’s launch, remember that these manufacturers pay close attention to what optimal settings some hardware needs in order to best suit a game’s requirements. For this reason, updating all of your drivers is crucial.

Install New World on SSD

A solid-state drive takes your game’s performances to levels way beyond what a typical HDD otherwise would. It’d be wise to install an MMO like New World on an SSD in order to get max FPS out of it.

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Clear Background Processes and Apps

Head to your task manager by holding down ctrl+shift+esc and clear out any processes you don’t need. This will allow your game to get more system computation and resource allocation which could affect your FPS and maximize it to an extent.

Delete Temp Files

To delete Temp Files and get more FPS in New World, follow these steps.

  • Hold Windows+R.
  • In the run window, type “%temp%“.
  • In the file tab that appears, delete all files.
  • Now launch your game and check if the FPS has increased.

Avoid Using Over-lay Apps

Apps like Discord though really handy can ruin your game’s FPS and overall performance. A lot of users have reported better performances and FPS increments after disabling overlay for apps like Discord and a few audio enhancement applications. Simply close the app and clear it from processes and you should automatically see better results in New World’s FPS output.

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This is pretty much all you need to know on how to get Max FPS in New World. We hope the aforementioned methods were of assistance to you. If you continue facing issues in-game, you can always check out GamerTweak’s New World guides section that will help solve a bunch of issues. If you’re new to the game, check out this New World Beginner’s guide to help you get a better understanding of Aeternum and New World.