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How To Get Paprika In New World (All Locations & Recipes)

Paprika is an important seasoning food resource in New World. In this guide, you'll learn how to get it and how to use it in-game.

Paprika is a seasoning used in New world. Among the cooking materials in New World, paprika is quite sought after. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can get Paprika in New World, where you can look for more and how you can use it in-game.

How to Get Paprika in New World



You can get Paprika by harvesting herbs in regions that drop Paprika. Harvesting is a gathering skill in New World. You will further need a sickle to harvest herbs. As a seasoning that’s widely used, you’ll need quite some Paprika in New World. Here are a few locations where you can find Paprika.

Paprika Locations in New World


Paprika can be found in herb harvests in Brightwood, Shattered Mountains and Monarch’s Bluff. While Hyssop is an extremely common drop, there’s a good chance that these regions will return Paprika. We really wouldn’t recommend Shattered Mountains since there was really no Paprika anywhere to be found. That leaves us with two regions to get your savoury spice. We’ve highlighted these regions in the maps in below. For more map spawn locations, you can head to newworldmaps.

Monarch’s Bluff

paprika new world location


Here are all the spots in Monarch’s Bluff where you can harvest herbs to get Paprika.



These are all the locations you should look for Paprika harvesting in Brightwood.


Food Recipes That Use Paprika

Paprika is important as a spice. Here are all the recipes that use Paprika as a food material.

Recipe Where Paprika Is Needed Category Skill  Level Required
Spice Provisions Work Orders Cooking 20
Spice Stockpile Work Orders Cooking 100
Smoked Rib Cap with Cabbage and Barley Soup Foods Cooking 190
Seafood Bisque Foods Cooking 127
Carrot Soup Foods Cooking 58
Steamed Squash Foods Cooking 4
Seasoning Blend Crafting Components Cooking 5
Sausage Crafting Components Cooking 5
Energizing Hearty Meal Basic Cooking Cooking 150
Hearty Meal Basic Cooking Cooking 150

That’s pretty much all there is to know about Paprika in New World. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. Now that you know how to get Paprika, why not search for other Herbs? Here’s a guide to help you out on how to get Parsley in New World.