All Dying Light 2 Safe Codes & Locations

Here are all the Dying Light 2 safe codes, locations & combinations.

Dying Light 2 promises a ton of side content and hours of gameplay if you are equipped to explore all the secrets the City has to throw at you. Along the path and during the quests, you will come across Safes which can only be opened with clues like riddles or maths, from surrounding areas. But to help you progress fast in your game, here are all the Dying Light 2 safe code locations & combinations for quests like Meet the people of the Bazaar (Church safe), The First Biomarker Side Quest, Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe, and more.

Dying Light 2 Safe Codes – All Locations & Lock Combinations

Dying Light 2 Safe Codes Locations Combinations

How to Open Safes in DL2? Here are all Dying Light 2 safe codes & locations:

  • Bazar Church Safe – 510 (Meet the people of the Bazaar quest)
  • The First Biomarker Side Quest – 973 (Saint Joseph Hospital)
  • Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe – 101 
  • Broadcast Quest – 314 (Garrison Electrical Station)
  • Downtown Bandit Camp – 313
  • Moonshine Quest  – 1492 (Horseshoe Water Tower)
  • Treasure Hunt Quest – 032167 (keep map after Deserter quest)

Dying Light 2 Bazaar Church Safe Code

This safe is located in a Church tower in Old Villedor Bazaar. You can get up there by using one of the stall rooftops. Make sure to have high stamina to reach the top. The clue to the safe will be “5×100+15-5”. So the answer to this Dying Light 2 Safe Codes Bazaar Church Safe is “510”.

First Biomarker Side Quest Safe Code

The clue to this safe inside the Saint Joseph Hospital will be a set of three riddles (a note from DR. Katsumi), which corresponds to each digit in the safe code. Here are the riddles:

  1. What becomes smaller when you turn it upside down?
  2. An odd number – take away a letter and it becomes even
  3. A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three eggs break. How many eggs are left unbroken?

The answer to each of these riddles are:

  1. 9
  2. 7
  3. 3

So the answer to the Saint Joseph Hospital safe in Dying Light 2 which can be accessed during the “The First Biomarker Side Quest” is 973.

Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe Code

Nightrunner’s Hideout is located in Houndfield. You can locate it just above Cherry Windmill in your game map. Nightrunner’s Hideout is located in Houndfield. You can locate it just above Cherry Windmill in your game map. Once you enter via the front door, find the room with the safe in it. Move the cabinet on the left side of the safe. You will find a new room with a generator in it. Start the generator to get this house as your SafeZone. This might be the first Safe Zone you unlock in the game depending on your gameplay. There is a container also inside this room. Open the container to find the Nightrunner handwritten note. So the code combination to this safe is 101.  Open it to collect an Inhibitor.

Garrison Electrical Station Safe Code (Broadcast Quest)

The safe is inside the Garrison Electrical Station, which you will visit during the Broadcast quest. There is a part of the building called section C. To reach here, once you enter the building, first use the power cable AB to open terminal A. Interact with the button to unlock the door. Use the power cable AB to open terminal B now. Go inside the building, find cable 1C and connect it to terminal C. This unlocks gate C. You will find a note with the safe clue. The note says “Approximate number of pi…”. The approximate value of Pi is 3.14. So Dying Light 2 Garrison Electrical Station safe code is 314. You can collect an inhibitor from this safe.

Downtown Bandit Camp

Once you complete almost 35% of the campaign or get access to the Central Loop, you can find and clear the bandit camp in the Downtown zone. Now you can explore the area to find a safe. You will find another inhibitor from this safe. The safe code is 313. The room is easy to spot in the building with open windows and a yellow pole inside (from where you look). Safe will be inside this room.

Horseshoe Water Tower Safe Code (Moonshine Quest)

You can go to this location as part of exploring the map, or you can visit it as part of the “Moonshine” quest. This quest will be only available after talking to Jack in the “Welcome On Board” quest. Also, you need to spare both Jack and Joe in the “Water Tower” quest.

You will learn that Jack and Joe are locked in the Main Terminal Station jail cell. Talk to them where they tell you alcohol deprivation was becoming unbearable for them in that place”. So you’s objectives are “Get Cillian’s Moonshine From the Water Tower” & “Bring Cillian’s Moonshine to Jack & Joe”.

So you need to go to the marked location in your map and collect their Moonshine from a safe. It would have been cool if we already got the codes, but anyway we always have the help of safe clue notes and riddles to guide us. So go to the location, unlock the door and find the safe. And as mission info states “The code of the safe where the moonshine is hidden in the year of discovering America”. Christopher Columbus sailed on his ship Santa Maria and landed on American soil in 1492. So the answer & combination to Dying Light 2 Horseshoe Water Tower Safe Code in Moonshine quest is 14-9-2.

Dying Light 2 Treasure Hunt Quest Safe Code

If you decide to hold on to the map during the “The Deserter” quest, the quest “Treasure Hunt” will start immediately. Bert believes the clue decoding the message will be hidden in the ship’s library, as the mission info states. So go to the library and talk to Bart. There will be an open book on the round table. Read it, then a note will appear near it with the encrypted message.

Treasure Hunt Cipher

Using the attached note now you can unlock the clue. Here’s the clue:


Treasure Hunt Cipher Safe Clue Answer

Using the cipher decoding clue for each letter as shown in the note, the final result will be:


So now you need to go to the “Water Tower” located in “Muddy Grounds”. Once inside, to the flooded basement by jumping into the water. You will find the safe here. So as the clue states, the Treasure Hunt Quest Safe Code in Dying Light 2 is 032167. Use the safe combination as 03-21-67. You will be able to collect two C4 explosives from this safe.

That’s all the Dying Light 2 safe code locations & combinations for quests like Meet the people of the Bazaar (Church safe), The First Biomarker Side Quest, Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe, and more. While you are here, make to check out more topics we covered in our Dying Light 2 Guides like how to repair weaponsfast traveluse paragliderbest skills, and how to fix DL2 crashing issues on PC.