Best Skills In Dying Light 2 Stay Human – All Skills List

Read this guide to find the best skills in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Skills are one of the most important elements you will need to master to defeat the zombies in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. As you progress in the game, you will complete a skill tree that will only help you get better at protecting yourself. The presence of a skill tree means you will need to constantly unlock different skills in order to move on to the next. Each of these set of skills in Dying Light 2 can be quite long, making it difficult to understand. That’s right where this guide comes in. Here, we will show you a list of all the different skills available in the game, so keep reading.

Best Skills in Dying Light 2

  • Double Jump – Parkour Skill
  • Afterboost – Parkour Skill
  • Crowd Runner – Parkour Skill
  • Safe Landing – Parkour Skill
  • Wall Combos – Parkour Skill
  • Headstomp – Combat Points Skill
  • Block Projectiles – Combat Points Skill
  • Perfect Parry – Combat Points Skill
  • Power Shot – Combat Points Skill
  • Serial Shot – Combat Points Skill

Dying Light 2 Stay Human – All Skills List


Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

  • Firm Grip – With the help of this Parkour Skill in Dying Light 2, you will be able to grab onto a ledge regardless of how low your stamina meter is.
  • High Jump – With this skill, you will be able to jump higher than normal.
  • Double Jump – The Double Jump enables you to leap even higher, allowing you to get to platforms that are way higher.
  • Far Jump – The Far Jump allows you to leap farther over obstacles.
  • Active Landing – Using this skill will help lower your fall damage while also maintaining momentum with the same speed.
  • Safe Landing – The Safe Landing skill enables you to fall for longer periods without any damage.
  • Fast Climb – As the name suggests, this skill allows you to climb up ledges even more quickly.
  • Landing Jump – Landing Jump lets you maintain momentum by jumping straight away after you complete an Active Landing.
  • Ledge Jump – The Ledge Jump allows you to speed up by jumping on ledges.
  • Rotate Jump – The Rotate Jump skill allows you to spin 180 degrees when you jump.
  • Sleek Runner – Skill Runner allows you to get a speed boost whenever you head for obstacles like slopes and climbing pipes.
  • Dash – Dash lets you move quickly when you run.
  • Slide – This skill enables you to slide under objects when you run.
  • Slide Jump – This skill allows you to jump after you complete a slide in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.
  • Afterboost – Using certain parkour moves will allow you to gain a boost in movement speed.
  • Dart – Dart grants you a brief boost in running speed.
  • Wall Run – Wall Run lets you run up walls for a short period of time.
  • Tic Tac – Enables you to run on horizontal surfaces.
  • Wall Combos – You can use Tic Tacs and Wall Runs in combinations.
  • Stealth Movement – This skill grants you a brief boost to your sneaking speed.
  • Crowd Runner – The Crowd Runner skill in Dying Light 2 allows you to literally bulldoze your way past enemies without any loss in momentum. When doing so, also lowers any damage you may suffer from plowing through these zombies.
  • Enemy Jump – Enemy Jump allows you to jump right off enemies while darting or dashing.
  • Bash – The Bash skill allows you to damage enemies without slowing down.

Combat Points

  • Headstomp – This skill allows you to stomp on the head of an enemy that is on the ground.
  • Perfect Dodge – Perfect Dodge allows you to dodge at just the right moment. This results in you staggering your enemies.
  • Perfect Parry – Perfect Parry gives you a slow-motion effect on your opponents, offering you extra time to attack.
  • Deflect Projectiles – With this combat skill, pressing the block button at the right moment deflects a bullet or arrow right back at the attacker.
  • Block Projectiles – As the name suggests, this combat skill in Dying Light 2 allows you to block projectiles like Knives and arrows.
  • Power Attack – This skill deals extra damage and renders enemy attacks and blocks ineffective.
  • Block Charge – While blocking, you can tackle an opponent in front and knock them down.
  • Stab – The Stab skill allows you to execute silent takedowns.
  • Windmill – The Windmill skill results in a spinning attack that affects a sizeable area.
  • Ground Pound – Use the Ground Pound combat skill to thump the ground and stagger enemies around you.
  • Ledge Takedown – The Ledge Takedown skill allows you to pull a zombie to the ground below when you are on a ledge.
  • Stab Followup – Use this skill to throw a knife at another enemy after stabbing an enemy from behind.
  • Smash – Use this skill to launch into the air and take out enemies above you.
  • Precise Aiming – Pressing the right stick with this skill will give you a better aim.
  • Power Shot – This combat skill enhances the damage for piercing for all ranged weapon shots.
  • Serial Shot – Make use of Precise Aiming to fire three shots with this skill in Dying Light 2.
  • Smash Jump – Escaping is made easier with this move, as it allows you to jump after you slide.
  • Parkour Shot – Using this skill results in time slowing down when you use Parkour moves.

So there you have it. These are all of the skills available in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. As you can now see, these skills play a really important role in helping you survive in the game. Make sure you complete the Skill Tree as quickly as you can so that you gain access to these skills.

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