Destiny 2: Downfall Mission Walkthrough

Check out how to complete the Downfall Mission in Destiny 2

Lightfall, Destiny 2’s DLC, brings us a plethora of content and new missions like Downfall. In this mission, you’ll be tasked with infiltrating Calus’s Flagship and destroying the Radial Mast before it reaches the Veil. As a Guardian, it’s up to you to thwart Calus’s plan to destroy Neomuna. But his ship is huge and full of enemies. To help you out, we’ve created this walkthrough guide.

Downfall Mission Walkthrough in Destiny 2

Once you complete the Under Siege mission, Downfall will be available to play. To start the mission, make your way to the Lightfall Campaign banner. Once you interact with the banner, you can choose to add members to your team and launch the mission. Once you do, complete the following checkpoints:

  • Reach the Typhone Imperator
  • Infiltrate the Fortress Ship
  • Destroy Shadow Legion Ships
  • Defeat the Tormentor
  • Destroy the Radial Mast

Reach the Typhone Imperator

Typhone Imperator open barrier
Image Source: ZaFrostPet on Youtube

The Typhone Imperator is Calus’ fortress ship located in the eastern part of Neomuna. Once you reach Ahimsa Park, you’ll hit a Suppression Field that’ll restrict your respawning. Moreover, a wave of Cabal soldiers will come at you.

After defeating all the enemies, look for a black glowing stone with a yellow aura at the entrance of the ship. This is the key to opening the barrier. Shoot at it and the entrance to the ship will open up.

Infiltrate the Fortress Ship

Once you enter, check out the minimap to navigate the ship. The next part is jumping through obstacles and hitting some low-level enemies. Eventually, you’ll reach a room with Calus’ golden statue. Here, you’ll be ambushed by strong enemies so be prepared. Once you beat them, you’ll find a door to the right of the statue. Break the black stones to open it.

Then, take the Grav Lift till you reach an entrance at the end.

Destroy Shadow Legion Ships

Destroy Legion Ships in Downfall Mission
Image Source: ZaFrostPet on Youtube

Once you reach a room where the Legion Ships are parked, many enemies will spawn. Defeat them and make your way to the Dark Resonance Orb. Once you carry it, more enemies will spawn. Defeat a few and dodge the others and place the Orb in the artifact.

Defeat the Tormentor

After placing the orb, the ships will be sabotaged and a new boss will spawn. The Tormentor is tough and can eliminate you if you’re not careful. But, you can check out this guide to beat this Downfall Mission boss.

Destroy the Radial Mast

After beating the Tormentor, progress further and you’ll reach a Colosseum. This is where you’ll meet Calus. You’ll have to defeat loads of enemies here and deposit two Resonance Orbs. Once you do that, a new boss will spawn. Calus will call it his champion and you cannot kill it. So make your way to the marked coordinates while Caital talks to you.

Escape Calus’ Ship

Once you cross the Golden Barrier, a countdown will start. You’ll have 1:30 minutes to escape the ship. Don’t just run, it’ll take forever. Take out your Sparrow and make your way through the obstacles. Avoid hitting any or the Sparrow will take damage and blow up after a point.

Once you escape Calus’ ship, the Downfall mission is complete. To help you get a better idea, we’ll link a video from a YouTuber called ZaFrostPet.

That’s all from us on how to complete Downfall Mission in Destiny 2. For more such content like How to Complete Headlong Mission, make sure you visit our Destiny 2 section.