How To Complete The Destiny 2 Headlong Mission (Vex Puzzles Solution)

Unable to solve the Vex puzzles, fellow Guardians? Unable to solve the Vex puzzles, fellow Guardians? Check out our guide on how to complete the Headlong Mission in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

With the arrival of Destiny 2 Lightfall, several Guardians are looking to complete its campaign and its puzzling hurdles. One of these hurdles includes the Headlong mission which mainly revolves around solving three puzzles. It also follows completing the strand training with Osiris once you solve the puzzles. But as players continue with this campaign mission, they are stuck on the puzzles. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to complete the Headlong mission in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

How to Complete the Destiny 2 Lightfall Headlong Mission (Vex Puzzles)

You can start with the Headlong mission from the Striders’ gate, Neouma in Liming Harbour near a Lost Sector. As we begin, you have to locate the Strand Source and then, follow the Strand Source. But when you reach the first locked Vex gate, you will encounter the Cation and Anion Harpies. The glowing ones are Cation Harpies while the dim ones are the Anion Harpies.

To unlock the first Vex gate and further gates, you have to destroy the glowing and dim Harpies. Since these puzzles will be randomized, you must beat the Harpies in a certain order to unlock the gates. Note that destroying the Harpies in the wrong order will result in resetting the challenge.

So, here’s how you can solve all Headlong Vex puzzles and complete your Strand training with Osiris in Destiny 2 Lightfall:

Headlong Locked Vex Puzzle 1

As mentioned earlier, you have to beat the Harpies in a certain order to unlock the Vex door. The trick here is to look at the order of the crystals or diamonds above the Vex gate. You must eliminate them in the corresponding order to unlock the gate. For example, if it’s three glowing crystals, you have to destroy all the Cation Harpies. But if the order is one glowing and two dim diamonds respectively, you need to specifically destroy one Cation and two Anion Harpies in that corresponding order.

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Headlong Locked Vex Puzzle 2

For the second Vex puzzle, you need to keep on following the Strand energy source inside the Radiosonde building. You will face some Goblins, Minatours, Quantum Minatours, and Malignant Minatour before a locked Vex gate. You can defeat them all to come across the Cation and Anion Harpies. Similar to the first Vex puzzle, look at the order of the crystals above the barrier to eliminate the Harpies. You will unlock the second Headlong Vex gate once you eliminate three Harpies.

Headlong Locked Vex Puzzle 3

Lastly, you will face the last puzzle upon heading further inside the Radiosonde building and closer to the Osiris training program. Likewise to the above two puzzles, look at the order above the barrier to destroy the Harpies in that order. But unlike the first two puzzles, you will also encounter regular Harpies. While these Harpies will shoot laser beams, we suggest dodging them and focusing on the other two Harpies. You can unlock this Vex barrier once you have eliminated six Harpies in the correct order.

Completing Osiris’s Training Program

Once you solve and unlock the last Vex puzzle, pass through the barrier to enter the Strand Training Program. You need to go through rotating Vex laser grids and eliminate different waves of Vex. We recommend using ranged weapons to complete this final phase. You will eventually reach a circular arena where you will fight more waves of enemies. Once you have defeated them, follow the waypoint and go through a glowing circular orb. As you go further, follow the waypoint and contact the Nimbus to complete the Headlong mission.

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