Destiny 2 Limitless Horizon Emblem: How To Get It

The Limitless Horizon Emblem looks intriguing in Destiny 2 right? Check out this guide to know how to get it.

Are you looking for the soothing Limitless Horizon Emblem in Destiny 2? Then you have just arrived at the right place. There are several ways through which you can make yourself stand out among other players in the lobby. An Emblem is one element that gives your character’s nameplate a unique background. Thankfully, the new Limitless Horizon Emblem is cool enough to get the job done here. However, it is not something you can obtain by completing tasks or by purchase. So, what can you do to get this Emblem? Here’s everything you should know about it.

How to Get Limitless Horizon Emblem in Destiny 2 – Free Redeem Code!

Luckily, the Limitless Horizon Emblem can be obtained without putting any effort in-game. Instead, all you got to do is redeem a free Promo Code on the Bungie website. Here’s the free code that you can use to redeem Limitless Horizon Emblem in Destiny 2 – XMY-G9M-6XH

How to Get Limitless Horizon Emblem in Destiny 2
Limitless Horizon Emblem

How to Redeem Destiny 2 Promo Codes

Now that you have the required code, here’s how you can redeem it to get freebies:

  • Open the web browser and access the Bungie Code Redemption Website –
  • Log into your Destiny 2 account using the given options on the screen.
  • Further, enter the above given Limitless Horizon Emblem Code in the text box.
  • At last, hit the Redeem button to get your freebie.
  • Once done, you will receive the Limitless Horizon Emblem.
  • You can now launch Destiny 2 and head over to the Flair Collection tab to equip the Emblem.

As of now, we are not sure when this Promo Code will expire. Hence, I would suggest you use the above code and get the Limitless Horizon Emblem as soon as possible.

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That covers everything about the Limitless Horizon Emblem and how to redeem it in Destiny 2. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Destiny 2 Guides on Gamer Tweak.