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Starfield Divided Loyalties: Let Andreja Kill Tomisar?

Kill, spare or let Andreja kill Tomisar in Starfield's Divided Loyalties quest. Which is the best option?

In the Divided Loyalties side quest in Starfield, you will be faced with a difficult decision regarding the fate of Tomisar. You first meet Andreja during the main Into the Unknown quest. As you get to know her better and complete side missions together, her troubled history with Tomisar. We’ll answer the question of should you kill or spare Tomisar during Divided Loyalties in Starfield.

Kill or Spare Tomisar Starfield’s Divided Loyalties

Starfield Divided Loyalties: Should You Let Andreja Kill Tomisar?

When you finally track down Tomisar in the Divided Loyalties, you are given three options for how to deal with him. No matter which choice you make, it has little lasting impact on the overall story or ability to romance Andreja later. The primary difference is some variations in Andreja’s reaction and your resulting conversation.

Spare Tomisar’s Life

Andreja spares Tomisar’s life, but claims the high council will hear of his treachery. Though unsure of returning to House Va’ruun, you reassure Andreja that her connection to the Great Serpent was never dependent on Tomisar. You remind her that she has found a new family among the crew of Constellation. With time, the High Council may see Tomisar’s crimes and allow Andreja to rejoin her people.

Kill Tomisar

In another choice, you offer to kill Tomisar yourself to spare Andreja. Make sure to loot his corpse, as you can acquire Tomisar’s Outfit. You tell Andreja this prevents her people from seeing her shed blood in anger. While cut off from House Va’ruun, Andreja will be confident in her abilities and grateful for your support.

Let Andreja Kill Tomisar

Finally, you give Andreja the chance to enact her own vengeance. With a gleam of satisfaction, she slays her former commander herself. Justice is served, though it comes at the cost of ties to her family. Reassured that the Great Serpent guides a just path, Andreja accepts her new destiny among the crew without regrets.

Now you know what happens if you choose kill or spare Tomisar during Divided Loyalties in Starfield. You should also find our other guides useful on how to get cold resistancechange your name, and save Barrett.