Demonfall Combat Potion Guide: What Does It Do?

Here's what you need to know about how to use the Combat Potion in Demonfall.

There are many Potions, including the Combat Potion in Demonfall, that you may want to use. But how does it work and how does it benefit you? We’ll be clearing all your doubts in this quick guide.

How Does the Combat Potion in Demonfall Work?

With the Combat Potion, you can reset your Combat Style. So if you are unhappy with the style you currently have, use this Potion to reset it and change it to the other one. This is only for the Demon race because only they can learn Combat styles.

How to Use the Combat Potion in Demonfall

How to Get this Potion?

You need to meet the Black Merchant in Hayakawa Village or Okuyia Village and interact with him. This Mysterious guy will ask you if you want to buy an Unknown item for 3000 Yen.

This potion could be one of these Unknown items but it’s not guaranteed because the drops are random. You can keep purchasing items to increase your chances of getting this potion but you need to have a lot of money for it. Apart from this potion, you may get your hands on the Wipe Potion, Breath Indict and Muzan Blood. Each of them have different advantages.

If you have Robux, then you can purchase the Combat Potion from the in-game shop as well.

Currently the styles available are Great Sword and Soryu. Soon, Dual Swords and Rapier will be added. In order to get the Great Sword, you have to reach level 20 and 100 Broken Nichirin. Once done, you can get this style from the Trainer Darte. To get Soryu from Shoga, you need to get to Level 20 and you need 5000 Coins.

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  • Soryu: This style is an aggressive one but good for close range. It also has a good damage buff and good combo potential.
  • Great Sword: This style is good for PVE and has high range and high damage.

That’s all about Demonfall Combat Potion. For more tips, tricks and tier lists for this game, like Family/Clan Tier List and Breathing Tier List, check out our Demonfall guides.

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