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Cyberpunk 2077: Can You Romance Panam As A Female?

Can you romance Panam as a female V character? Find out in this Cyberpunk 2077 guide.

There are multiple romance options in CP2077 which is making players wonder if you can romance more than one character in the game. The answer to that is in the linked guide, but apart from that, they are also wondering – can you romance Panam as a female? Is that possible? As we know, there are prerequisites to romancing certain characters since they have their own preferences in body type and voice tone. So, in this quick guide, we will let you know if you can romance Panam Palmer in CP2077 with a character having a feminine body.

Can you Romance Panam as a Female in Cyberpunk 2077?



The answer to this question is no. You need to have a male body type to be able to romance Panam and the way to do it is to be kind to her. Defend her when needed, show her some affection and overall be supportive of her. Since you cannot change the character you have initially made during the character creation process, the only way to be able to romance Panam is to make sure you’ve made a Male V in the beginning.

As a female character, you can romance Judy Alvarez or River Ward because they prefer someone with a feminine body type as a romantic partner. If you need more help with what exactly you should be doing to get into an intimate relationship with any of the romantic partners, check out our romance guides on Gamer Tweak.


In case you don’t want to get into a relationship, you can visit the Joytoy locations and choose from male or female options there.

We hope that answers your question of can you romance Panam as a female in Cyberpunk 2077. Here are more of your questions answered like can you save Barry and Evelyn Parker? How to Romance Meredith Stout? Get all of this and much more in our Cyberpunk 2077 wiki.