How To Quickly Romance Meredith Stout In Cyberpunk 2077

You can romance Meredith Stout in Cyberpunk, but for that to happen you will need to do her a favor and meet conditions. Check how to romance Meredith here

To romance Meredith Stout, you will need to make sure that you not only impress her but do a few favors for her as well. This romantic relationship is weird but one that you can actively pursue in the game. If you want to know how to romance Meredith Stout in Cyberpunk 2077.

How To Romance Meredith Stout In Cyberpunk 2077

To romance Meredith Stout you will need to meet certain requirements. Once you meet these requirements on then will you be able to get into a relationship with her.

  1. Create a male character.
  2. Talk to Meredith Stout during the “Pick Up” quest.
  3. Do not attack her bodyguards.
  4. Pick up the infected money chip.
  5. Go to Maelstrom Food Processing Plant
  6. Ask for a discount during dialogue options.
  7. Defeat Royce, shoot him.
  8. Reply with “Same, was starting to like you” to Meredith’s text.

romance meredith stout cyberpunk 2077

After you complete the “Pick Up” quest, Meredith Stout will appear with a few Militech agents and will talk to you ending the quest. After some time passes by, Meredith will send a text to V. It is important that you reply to her immediately with “Same, was starting to like you”.

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Doing so will result in Meredith asking you to meet her in the No-Tell Motel, you will need to reply to her with “I’ll be there” and once you reach the room, you will find Meredith in skimpy clothes waiting for you. This will start off the “Venus in Furs” quest in Cyberpunk 2077, starting off your romance with Meredith Stout

After this, your character will be left alone in the No-Tell Motel and you will receive a goodbye text from Meredith Stout. You cannot, however, have a romantic relationship with Meredith Stout in the game and can romance her once briefly during the early stages of the game.

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