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Cyberpunk 2077: Can You Romance Multiple Characters?

Wondering if you can have multiple romances in Cyberpunk 2077? Here's what you need to know about romancing multiple characters in CP2077.

Romance is an important part of CP2077 and Night City has a lot of options for you. You can either engage in hookups, casual relationships, flings or stable romances with certain characters. We’ve got a guide on all the romance options and you can also find in-depth info about romancing Judy, Meredith or Rogue specifically. But can you romance multiple characters in this game? Find the answer right here.

Can you have Multiple Romances in Cyberpunk 2077?



Depending on the choice of your body type and sometimes voice tone, you can romance two characters out of the four true romance options. You cannot get into a relationship with all three of them in one playthrough but you can romance two of them in the game. If you are feeling braver, you can have relationships with multiple characters at a time as well. If not, you can just have flings with them. Here’s what the four main romance options in the game prefer in V:

  • Judy Alvarez: Prefers a feminine body type as well as voice tone.
  • Panam Palmer: Prefers a male body type.
  • River Ward: Prefers a feminine body type.
  • Kerry Eurodyne: Prefers a masculine body type and voice.


In case you don’t want to get into any relationship in the game, and are just looking for a one-time thing, you can visit the Joytoy locations and find them, especially in the Jig-Jig street. It’s Night City’s Red Light District. You will meet male and female options there so take your pick.

That’s everything that you need to know about romancing multiple characters in Cyberpunk 2077. Since you can romance more than one, go ahead and see how the story unfolds.

Also if you were wondering if you can romance Johnny Silverhand, the answer is no, unfortunately. But with the characters you can actually romance, you have to get into a relationship by responding to their messages, stand up for them and eventually get close to them. Gaining their trust is key, which means that you have to really get invested in their lives.


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