How To Get Arrows In LEGO Fortnite

Wondering how you can easily get Arrows in LEGO Fortnite? Here is everything you need to know.

Although Arrows are not given enough credit in LEGO Fortnite, players will not be able to use their favorite weapon, the Recurve Crossbow if they are not aware of this crafting process. The resources you will need for this recipe can be easily obtained, however, with so many other items being crafted in your village, navigating a simple process can become a difficult task. If you are looking for an easy and detailed guide on this topic, here is everything we know about this powerful craftable.

How to Make Arrows in LEGO Fortnite

How To Craft Arrows In LEGO Fortnite

The recipe to craft Arrows in the game is pretty easy. All you have to do is get the following resources in order to make these items:

  • 1 Wood
  • 1 Feather

Here is how you can get these resources from the vast landscapes of all the LEGO Fortnite Biomes.


The best way to get this resource is by exploring the Grasslands biome and looking for chickens. Although while farming eggs you will have to pet this animal, when it comes to obtaining Feathers, you will have to either hit them a few times or slash them with your weapon in order to get this resource. Additionally, once they are destroyed, they will also drop meat, which is another profitable item you can collect.


Although this is one of the most basic resource in the game, this item has a high demand. In case you are wondering how you can farm them, all you have to do is cut down trees. These trees can be found in the Grasslands area. Since this item is used in most of the recipes, make sure you keep collecting them whenever you have the chance.

Once you have collected both these resources, all you have to do is interact with the Crafting Bench and select the Arrows recipe. You will need one of each of the resources you have collected to get 8 Arrows.

How to Use Arrows in LEGO Fortnite

Once you have crafted your Arrows, you can combine them with your Crossbows, as both these items make the perfect pair. You can defeat all your enemies by using these items and keep leveling up. Make sure you keep upgrading your Crossbows so that you can efficiently destroy all the opponents you face.

We have covered everything you need to know about Arrows and how you can use them in LEGO Fortnite. Once you have mastered the technique of creating this item, you will be prepared to face the Brute and you can start crafting all the other weapons in this game mode.