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Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Cooking Guide

Looking to learn how to cook? Here is a guide all about cooking in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life.

Among many activities and features players will come across in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life, cooking is important for the sustenance of your character and to build relationships with others. There are different varieties of dishes that players will be able to make in the game. You will need the right ingredients at your disposal to properly make any recipe in SoS AWL. So once you have your hands on all the ingredients, here is a guide that will help you cook and know more about it.

Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Cooking Guide

cooking story of seasons a wonderful life
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Your character will get hungry from time to time after working on the farm and satisfying their hunger will let you restore their overall energy stat in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life. As mentioned earlier, cooking not only help satisfy your character’s hunger but also helps you build strong relationships with others. Gifting the Valley characters their favorite dish will help you increase your overall affection for them. There are five types of dishes you can cook in the game namely Salads, Soups, Hors d’oeuvres, Desserts, and Entrees. Although only Salads and Soups would be unlocked for you from the start.

How to Cook in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

how to cook in story of seasons a wonderful life

Follow the steps given below to cook your recipes in SoS AWL

  • Head towards the kitchen inside your house.
  • Move toward the Stove and interact with it.
  • Now you can select from either to make the dish yourself or with the help of the recipes.
  • After which select the type from the unlocked options.

You will be able to choose from three ingredients from your inventory to make the dish. If you get the combination of the items right, you will get a tasty dish for yourself or you will end up with a non-edible one. You can store them in your Refrigerator or Food Storage accordingly. This will also let you free up some inventory space.

How to Get More Recipes in SoS AWL

how to unlock more recipes in story of seasons a wonderful life

Players will have to first level up by cooking some recipes and gaining experience to unlock other categories in the game. Once done, here are some of the methods through which you can unlock different recipes in SoS AWL:

  • Interact with Nature Sprites: Players will be able to get new recipes by visiting and interacting with Nature Sprites in the game
  • Bulletin Board Requests: You can accept requests from the Bulletin Board with the recipes you haven’t unlocked yet to get them easily.
  • Talk to Townspeople: You can interact with other people in the town and they will sometime let you know about some of the recipes.
  • Check Townspeople Notes: Players can visit other villagers and look out for notes around their houses. These will occasionally contain a recipe, although you will have to make it yourself.

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