Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life Fertilizer Guide

Get a Fertilizer, Fertilizer Maker and Fertilizer Spreader to increase your crop growth and earn money in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life.

Fertilizers increase crop maturing speed, so obtaining Fertilizer Maker and Spreader earlier in the Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life makes your work smoother and faster. If you have progressed far in the game, then you might be dealing with insufficient pasture. And grazing farm animals would have become difficult. Not having surplus fodder is also problematic, as some days you can’t leave animals out and need to put fodder in feeding boxes. Now all of this comes to one point, which is the growth of crops. Seed Makers do help you, but they aren’t enough, so use this fertilizer guide of SoS AWL.

How to Get Fertilizer, Fertilizer Maker, and Fertilizer Spreader in A Wonderful Life

 Get Fertilizer Maker And Spreader In SoS A Wonderful Life

  • The Fertilizer can be purchased from Vesta’s farm for the cost of 20g in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life.
  • And Fertilizer Maker is available as a Ledger facility for the price of 45,000g. You can go to the Ledger that is kept beside the Shipping Bin and select what you want. This Ledger is used for upgrading facilities and purchasing machines like Seed Maker, Fertilizer Maker, and Fertilizer Spreader.
  • Fertilizer Maker and Fertilizer Spreaders 1 & 2 are available from the beginning, but Fertilizer Spreader 3 unlocks through progress in Wonderful Life.
  • After you have purchased Fertilizer Maker, you should collect and buy Fertilizer Spreaders too. These spreaders spread fertilizers on the soil twice a day.
    • Fertilizer Spreader 1 is for low-quality soil
    • Fertilizer Spreader 2 is for medium-quality
    • Fertilizer Spreader 3 is for high-quality yield
  • The best part of these machines is that each cost 60,000g in SoS A Wonderful Life. Using Fertilizer Spreader 3 and S quality seeds from Seed Maker gives you the best results.

Purchase Fertilizer, Fertilizer Maker, and Fertilizer Spreader to increase crop growth and quality in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life. And if you are focused on farming and dairy, then read the Hybrid Crops guide and how to grow Grass for feeding Cows.