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How To Do The Witch’s Brew Challenge In Overwatch 2

Here's the simple trick to complete the Witch's Brew Challenge in OW2.

Uncover the fate of a terror past in a hidden corner of Adlersbrunn in Wrath of the Bride is the requirement of a challenge called Witch’s Brew in Overwatch 2. The task is quite vague which leads many players to wonder how to go about it. The co-op mission is full of various terrors – which one is this about? Well, there’s something very specific you have to do aside from your mission objective. Here’s how to complete it and obtain the “It’s always the widow” voice line by Sojourn as  a reward.


How to Complete Witch’s Brew Challenge in OW2

Uncover the fate of a terror past hidden corner

  • To do the Witch’s Brew Challenge, you have to take a detour after defeating the Summoner boss (Symmetra with Gargoyle Winston). In your mission, the Ashe player has to use her dynamite to destroy the castle door, but before that, you have to take a left and enter a small tunnel-like doorway.

How to Complete Witch's Brew Challenge in OW2

  • Use your crouch button to enter it and you will see a room that will uncover the fate of a terror past in a hidden corner of Adlersbrunn. The room has a coffin, a cauldron, a broom, a giant hook, and more spooky items. There’s nothing much to do here, so you can get back to the next objective – just entering the room will complete the challenge.
  • If you are playing in a group, all of you can do this at the same time because there’s no specific character requirement as it is in the Photozomb challenge which requires speed.

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