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Far Cry 6 Cockfighting Minigame Guide – How To Play & Win?

Here's how to play and win the Far Cry 6 Cockfighting Minigame.

Cockfighting is a sport where you make two roosters duel it out with each other and Far Cry 6 players can actually play it via a minigame. Originally, it is quite a controversial sport because of the cruelty it inflicts on poor animals and I do not support it by any means. But in Cuba, cockfighting is legal and is part of the tradition which is why the developers added it to the game where Yara is influenced by Cuba. So, if that’s what you want to try, here’s how to play the Cockfighting minigame in Far Cry 6 and win some Yaran Pesos and other rewards quickly. Don’t worry – no roosters were harmed in the making of this video game/minigame.

How to Play Far Cry 6 Cockfighting Minigame?


How to Win the Cockfighting Minigame far cry 6

  1. First, find Costa del Mar on the map and visit the Montero Farm Guerrilla camp.
  2. Find and approach Ivan Minoso. He will be standing next to the Cockfighting arena so interact with the E button on PC.
  3. This will trigger the Cockfighting solo fight quest screen where you can start with the easiest difficulty and gradually unlock the other two.
  4. The 3 Cockfighting difficulty levels are Civilian, Guerilla, Revolutionary and you need to bet more money to play in the higher difficulties.
  5. To participate, you need to find and pick up one rooster (minimum). Luckily, it’s nearby!
  6. Simply walk up to a wooden box placed to the right of Ivan and collect a Rooster from there.
  7. Head back to him and initiate the fight. Click on Continue on the next screen.
  8. Next, you will be shown the controls.

Cockfighting Controls (PC players)


  • Close Range Attack – K
  • Long Range Attack – L
  • Jump Attack – J
  • Dodge – Space + WSDA
  • When you take damage and miss attacks, your Rage Bar will increase and when it goes full, you can trigger the Gallo Super by pressing the Left Control button.

Cockfighting Controls (PS and Xbox Players)

  • Close Range Attack – Square/X
  • Long Range Attack – X/A
  • Jump Attack – Triangle/Y
  • Dodge – Circle + Left stick/B + Left Stick
  • Gallo Super – L1 + R1/LT + RT


Now, much like Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter/Tekken, you will get the option to choose your Rooster if you have multiple. You can hover over the other locked roosters to know the location where you can catch them.

Once you are ready, click on the FIGHT button. There will be three rounds of fights so make sure to try to knock out your enemy rooster.

How to Win the Cockfighting Minigame in FC6?

far cry 6 cockfighting


The challenge of this minigame will change based on your difficulty and on Action mode, you have to ensure that you make no mistakes. Since you play as a Rooster, you can switch between two close-range attacks and a long-range attack when your opponent gets stunned with the back-to-back hits. But most of the time, quick short attacks should help you whittle down your enemy’s health.

Remember to dodge attacks and quickly back away before the other angry bird manages to get a hit in. As soon as your Rooster is in Rage mode, use the Gallo Super. It is indicated by the red bar under your ChicKEN or RYUster’s health bar (sorry).

So, in a nutshell, it’s all about finding the right moment to attack, backing off two steps to avoid getting hit and using the Gallo Super to drain the enemy’s health.

Cockfighting Rewards

By playing the Cockfighting minigame in Far Cry 6, you can earn some Yaran Pesos quite quickly and easily. If you are short of money, keep fighting again and again to make some bucks.

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