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All USB Song Sticks Locations In Far Cry 6

In this guide, we highlight all the spots and locations across Yara where USB song sticks can be found in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 has an in-game collectible set in the form of USB song sticks hidden in various locations all across Yara. While these songs aren’t really responsible for any in-game advantage, boost, or buff, they land players with fresher playlists to add to the tiny intricacies the developers have put into the game. In this guide, we’ll help you quickly locate all the spots across Yara where these USB song sticks are hidden.

All USB Song Sticks Locations in Far Cry 6


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Map Source: Gaming Bible/Ubisoft

There are a total of 15 hidden USB song sticks along the regions of Isla Santuario (Southern Yara), Madrugada (Western Yara), Valle De Oro (Central Yara), El Este (Eastern Yara) and Esperanza (Northern Yara). Here’s a complete list of all the songs in these USB song sticks and where you can find them in Far Cry 6.

All USB Spots Across Yara in FC6


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In the undermentioned table, you’ll find the precise locations for all USB song sticks.

USB Stick Song Name Region Location
Hitboy Isle Santuario
Inside a building on a workstation, Viviro Nueve Plantation.
Pulpa De Tamarindo Madrugada
On top of a table, Ocasa Marina
Sentimiento Original Madrugada
On top of a garbage bin next to a laptop, Hideout Mambo
Abuso De Poder Madrugada
Sitting at the base of a signal tower on the control tower rooftop, FDA Airbase Olimpia
What A Bam Bam Madrugada
A table near the town square, Verdera
Educate Ya Valle De Oro
Plugged into a laptop inside a gas station
Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix) Valle De Oro
On top of a box inside a garbage bin
Dinero Valle De Oro
Behind the satellite dish on the Orquidea Villa on the roof
Ay Loy “La Figura” Valle De Oro
You get this after finishing “And The Beat Goes On”, plugged into a sound mixer
La Bella Ciao De Libertad El Este
On a table next to an FND case inside the underground bunker.
Los Caminos De La Vida El Este
Next to Map on the table behind the log house
Yo Aprendi El Este
The table inside the Wood Cabin, Maldito Town
La Vida Me Cambio El Este
Inside the guard watch house on the table, FND Base, Sureno Shipyards
Pxssy Powah Esperanza
On the benches in the Hideout Zone, Mercurio Mecanico
Here We Kum Esperanza
Inside the storage room in between a box and Bottles on the second Shelf (First Cutscene balcony location)


Tips and Tricks to Find All USB Song Sticks in FC6

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You need to be on the lookout for workbenches and technical equipment lying around to know you’re close to the USB sticks locations. Here are some more tips and tricks you can use.


  • The USB song sticks always glow with a red and green led at the top and bottom.
  • Moreover, you’ll always find these on workbenches and tables.
  • Similarly, locate some technical equipment around the locations we’ve made a mention of.
  • Since USB song sticks are almost always next to laptops and other equipment, this will work in finding them easily in Far Cry 6.
  • Furthermore, on your minimap, you can locate the USB sticks warm zones by the USB icon.
  • Head to your collection to see which songs are remaining and which are in your collection.
  • It’s best if you get the Friendly skies achievement in Far Cry 6.
  • However, it’d be even better if you clear out all 26 Anti-Aircraft Cannons.
  • This lets you fly out to each of the aforementioned locations and retrieve the USB song sticks.
  • After you retrieve all 15 of the above songs, you’ll receive the “That’s My Jam” trophy achievement.
  • Finally, you can use these songs unlocked to play them on radios and in vehicles as you traverse the map of Yara.

That’s all there is to all the USB song sticks locations in Far Cry 6. While locating these, you will need to familiarize yourself with the map and surroundings. Here’s a guide highlighting the full Yara map in Far Cry 6.