Final Fantasy 16: What Does Clive’s Face Tattoo Mean?

Is it the M-Rating or new aesthetics? Here's where you can find out what Clive's face tattoo mean in Final Fantasy 16.

Being the first Final Fantasy title with a Mature rating, you can expect darker tones and aesthetics in FFXVI. While Clive’s Face tattoo might seem like a blend of all the reasons, it is closely related to the lore and the world of Valisthea. Unlike the previous FF titles, this installment will focus on the magic. And the different struggles due to the lack of Mothercrystals, the source of Ether. But what about the branding or marking on Clive’s face and how is it connected to the plot of FF16? Here’s where you can find out what Clive’s Face Tattoo Mean in Final Fantasy 16.

What Does Clive’s Face Tattoo Mean in Final Fantasy 16

final fantasy 16 what does clive's face tattoo mean

Clive’s face tattoo marks him as a Bearer in Final Fantasy 16. These markings are branded on the people that can use magic in Valisthea. So, Clive won’t be the only one with this Face tattoo in FFXVI. As the entire world succumbs to the lack of Mothercrystals, people rely on Bearers for their magical work. The Face tattoos or markings indicate that Bearers are viewed as tools or foot soldiers to carry various tasks for their nations.

These tasks range from simple tasks of capturing a Dominant from other nations to carrying out assassinations of high-profile people. These markings indicate that Bearers are not supposed to question orders, they follow them. But since the Bearers are enslaved into carrying these missions, the plot could revolve around their revolt, in the end.

Coming back to Clive’s tattoo, you can find the same marking on other people at the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. Not to spoil the plot, but you can find this evidently during the game’s opening (prologue). As the characters discuss assassinating an important Eikon’s dominant, we see the same markings on their faces.

That’s all about what Clive’s face tattoo means in Final Fantasy 16. If you enjoyed reading this, check out our guides to find out how to skip cutscenes, does FFXVI have a new game plus mode, and more Final Fantasy XVI Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.