Does Final Fantasy 16 Have New Game Plus Mode?

Is the New Game Plus mode available in FFXVI? Check out our guide to see what to expect in the game.

The New Game Plus mode is extremely popular and with Final Fantasy 16 releasing soon, players are wondering if they will get to play this mode here. Since the New Game Plus mode allows you to carry over the gear, stats, and abilities to your next playthrough in FF16. There are certain factors that players will need to know on how the New Game + works so check out this game and hopefully all your questions will be answered.

Is New Game Plus Mode Available in Final Fantasy 16?

FF16 New Game Plus Mode

Yes, the New Game Plus mode will be available with FF16. In an interview with Gematsu, Director Hiroshi Takai confirmed that the game mode will be available. However, players won’t be able to use it on their first playthrough. They can start with the Action Focused mode or the Story Focused mode and once they complete either of these, they will have access to New Game Plus in FF16. Now that the gears, abilities, and other stats are getting carried over, players can expect a tougher fight next time around.

Along with that, FF16 also has a third mode called the Final Fantasy mode that will be more difficult and will also change the enemies that players fight. Overall, it will be a different experience that will make the New Game Plus mode even more challenging in Final Fantasy 16. Since you can carry all the gears, abilities, and other stuff, it only makes sense that the enemies get stronger and their placements change allowing players to get more of a challenge.

The New Game Plus mode will be available on FF16 from it’s launch but you will have to play the other modes before that. Since it’s going to be even more challenging, getting more gear and abilities would be a useful tip for players to remember. Since you are interested in Final Fantasy 16, do check out our dedicated section right here at Gamer Tweak.