Cinematic Strikes & Evasions In Final Fantasy 16 – Explained

Here are what Cinematic Strikes and Evasions mean and how to use them in FF16.

The Final Fantasy series is always known to introduce some of the most exciting combat mechanics. FFXVI is no exception. With the inclusion of new characters and a gripping plot, the developers have also added stunning combat maneuvers. They are known as Cinematic Strikes and Evasions. These moves are quite useful in dealing significant damage as well as saving Clive from potential death. Without further ado, we will explain what Cinematic Strikes and Evasions mean in Final Fantasy 16 and how to use them.

What are Cinematic Strikes and Evasions in FF16?

Cinematic Strikes and Evasions are special moves that trigger during a fight with a boss or a tough enemy in Final Fantasy 16. These combat moves will usually take place while you’re in a cutscene during a fight. You will first be introduced to Cinematic Strikes and Evasions during the boss fight with Morbol in FFXVI. However, you won’t be able to use these moves like your standard Melee and Magic attacks. This is because they get activated during a particular cutscene. If you are wondering about how to use Cinematic Strikes and Evasions in FF16, then check out the steps below.

How to Use Cinematic Strikes in Final Fantasy 16

how to use cinematic strikes in final fantasy xvi

Cinematic Strikes will help you deal significant damage to your enemies as well stagger them. When you’re in a cutscene and your screen starts flashing blue, that is when the move will be triggered. To use Cinematic Strikes in Final Fantasy 16, you just need to press the “Square” button before the timer runs out. This will help Clive unleash a deadly blow on the enemy which will take a huge amount of their HP too. And that’s not all, your enemy will also be staggered for a few moments which will give you a window to deal as much damage as you can.

How to Use Cinematic Evasions in Final Fantasy 16

how to use cinematic evasions in final fantasy 16

Cinematic Evasions will help Clive steer clear of the enemy’s oncoming attacks. This move is quite effective as it will help your character avoid certain death. This time around, your screen will flash red and a “R1” prompt will appear. To use Cinematic Evasions in FF16, make sure to press the R1 button before the timer runs out.

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That’s all you need to know about how Cinematic Strikes and Evasions work in Final Fantasy 16. We hope this guide was able to show you how to use them. If you are a newbie, check ou how to run faster, fast travel, and more in our FF16 section.