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Lost Ark: How To Change Channels

Playing Lost Ark with your friends but unable to see or hear them? You need to change your channel.

Lost Ark is an MMORPG game, and hence you will find that it shares many features common to the MMORPG genre. One such feature is the use of channels. Channels in Lost Ark work by letting players in the same party or guild chat and communicate with each other, so many a times you may need to switch it. This happens because of the area a player is in and how the servers work. So let us check how to change channels in Lost Ark.

How to Change your Channel in Lost Ark


how to change channels in lost ark
Image Credit: Eldrinn – MMORPG on YouTube
  1. Click on the channel box.
  2. You can find it above the minimap on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Keep scrolling until you find the channel you want to join or where your friends are playing at.
  4. It is best if you join a channel that has a green dot beside it as that will give you and your friends or guild members the best in-game experience when trying to communicate with each other.
  5. You can identify the channel your friends are playing on by asking their channel number.
  6. Choose your channel and your game will load into it.

Do note that even after you switch your channel it can still change when you go to other areas. So you and your friends need to repeatedly change channels each time this happens. Also, not every area will have the same number of channels. The channels are decided based on the players in a certain area or region. Hence to maintain the servers you will find there are different numbers of channels in different areas.


There is one case when you don’t have to worry about channels. And that is when you are playing alone. This feature is mainly useful to players who play with a guild or with friends. So if you are a lone wolf and like playing alone then this is one less thing to worry about and you can continue with your quest.

That covers everything you should know about how to switch channels in Lost Ark. If you need help with other areas of this game then you can check our guides on how to dismantle items, the best characters tier list, and how to create your character in Lost Ark.