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Lost Ark: How To Dismantle Items

Trying to get the most money by selling items? You should learn how to dismantle items before selling them.

The ability to dismantle items can be very handy when playing Lost Ark, especially if you plan to sell them. You might want to dismantle it to get your hands on some resources to craft another item. Or you might be wondering if it is better to sell it individually or as a whole. Whatever the case might be, you should learn how to dismantle items in Lost Ark.

How to Dismantle items in Lost Ark


how to dismantle items in lost ark

In order to start dismantling items, you will need to unlock the feature to dismantle items first. We will get to how you can unlock it in a bit, let’s first check the exact steps to dismantle items.

  1. Open the inventory tab.
  2. On the bottom-left corner of the inventory tab, you can see a hammer icon.
  3. Click on it and then on the item that you want to dismantle.
  4. There are two ways to dismantle items.
  5. Dismantling multiple items together:
    1. Right-click on all the items that you wish to dismantle.
    2. After selecting all the items you no longer need click on the Dismantle button.
  6. Dismantling them individually:
    1. In case you need to dismantle only a single item.
    2. Select it and click on the Dismantle button.


If you haven’t unlocked dismantling you can do that by completing a quest for Archaeologist Hadim.

  1. Keep progressing in the story until you reach Nevatia Ruins.
  2. Here find the Archaeologist Hadim and do a quest for him.
  3. After you complete the quest you will get the ability to dismantle items.

How to Sell Items


  1. Open your Inventory and go to the Shop.
  2. Click on the Sell option. You can find it on the top left side of the Shop.
  3. Next, select the item from your inventory that you wish to sell.
  4. It will appear in the Sell section of the Shop.
  5. On the bottom right corner here, you will find a Sell button, click on it to sell the Items.

Should you Dismantle or Sell Items in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, you should always dismantle items before selling. The biggest reason is you get more resources, when you dismantle an item you get multiple resources from it based on the item. You can keep some of these resources to craft another item, and sell the rest. And another reason for dismantling is you get more money for individual items, as compared to when you sell the item as a whole.


That sums up everything you need to know about how to dismantle items in Lost Ark and when you should sell them. Since you are playing this game then check our other guides on how to create your character, how to check ping, and the best classes tier list for Lost Ark.