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Central Camp Image 2 Location In Genshin Impact

Unable to find the Imaging conch? Check out our guide to find out the location of Central Camp Image 2 in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact features a limited-time event, Resonating Visions. During this event, you need to find different phantasmal imaging conches throughout the hidden locations. With version 2.8 ending soon, players are looking for all the Phantasmal conches before the Golden Archipelago closes. While players have found three out of four conches, some players are unable to find the location of the second Central camp image. So, here’s our guide on how to get to Central Camp Image 2 in Genshin Impact.

How to Get to Central Camp Image 2 in Genshin Impact


You can find Central Camp Image 2 to the west of Broken Isle inside a cave. But to get to the imaging Conch and interact with it, you need lower the risen water level to activate the projections.

central camp image 2 map
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.

Follow the mentioned below steps to get to its location:


  • If you are unable to see the entrance, head to the main drum at Broken Isle’s northern beach.
  • This is the drum that you might have unlocked at the end of the Blazin’ Trails quest. If you are having trouble clearing its Water veins, check out our guide on how to clear them.
  • Its location is the closest to Northern Teleport waypoint in the Broken Isle in Golden Apple Archipelago.
  • As you interact with the drum, it will change the mountain style and you will be able to see the entrance of its cave.
  • Now, head inside the cave and climb down the stairs.
  • You will find four totems as you climb down the stairs. And you need to activate them all.
  • You might need to switch between characters to fly or shoot ranged weapons. We suggest switching to Amber or any pyro character for shooting arrows at the totems.
  • Activate all four totems by firing away arrows at them. Also, shoot the big totem in the middle to lower the water level.
genshin impact central camp 2 location
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.
  • Make a note that the big totem is the activating totem that reduces the water level.
  • Swim and head left to find a totem near the treasure chest. Fire it right away to lower the water even more. Also, don’t forget to collect the loot inside the chest.
  • You need to swim around and head left to find another totem near a big activating totem.
  • As you activate it, head further to the wooden path to find more totems.
  • You will find one totem to the left of the wooden path. Upon reaching the end of the path, you will find a door.
  • As you open the door, it will teleport you to another totem with a metal gate.
  • You need to activate the last totem and open the metal door. Then, head back by opening the door again.
  • As you have activated all the totems, shoot the big totem to make the water disappear completely.


genshin impact central camp 2
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.
  • With the water disappearing completely, you can interact with different objects.
  • Look for the Imaging conch with a white light at its top and interact with it.
imaging conch
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.


  • This will trigger the projections of Geochanter Bracer and Mirror Maiden having a conversation.

That’s everything covered about the Central Camp Image 2 location in Genshin Impact. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to get Hero’s wit, how to farm Horsetail, and how to unlock Lost Valley in Genshin Impact right here on Gamer Tweak.