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How To Farm Horsetail In Genshin Impact

Here is how you can locate, farm and use Horsetail in Genshin Impact.

Native to Liyue you can easily find the Horsetail plant. If you want to cook some yummy recipes with, this is the plant for you. This guide is perfect to find Horsetail locations, farm it, and learn how to use it in different recipes in Genshin Impact.

How to Locate, Farm & Learn How to Use Horsetail in Genshin Impact


How to Locate, Farm & Learn How to Use Horsetail in Genshin Impact

While there are few locations to farm Horsetail, you can find all of them in Teyvat. You will mostly find them in the wild and so, those searching for this ingredient are going to have to be cautious as they travel. You will mostly find Horsetail among Silvergrass and the wetlands. This purple plant is easy to spot as it grows taller, is straighter, and is plumper than the Silvergrass.

You can easily find most of it in the North of Wandshu Inn. More specifically, Dihua Marsh.


Bubu Pharmacy
Map Credit: Map Genie

If you don’t want to brave the land of Tetvyat then you can always purchase the same from Bubu Pharmacy. The price for the same is roughly about 240 Mora for around 10 Horsetail plants.

Where to Farm Horsetail in Genshin Impact


How to Locate Horsetail in Genshin Impact
Map Credit: Map Genie

The best route to farm Horsetail is from Stone Gate into the Teleport Waypoint near the bridge that leads into a shallow waterbed. In this route, you can farm about five Horsetails. Continue from here and go towards Dihua Marsh which is West of the Statue of the Seven. This route has the most Horsetails.

Where to Farm Horsetail
Map Credit: Map Genie


But if you want to collect them all then you will have to go further down to get the Horsetail close to the Viewpoint as well.

What Dishes is Horsetail Used in?

Horsetail is mainly used to cook Rice Buns and Jueyun Gouba. You can get the former from Mao at the Wanmin restaurant while you will get Jueyun Gouba in Qingce Village. Just locate Ms. Bai to get it. Here is the recipe to make both of these dishes in the game:

Rice Buns:

  • Rice x1
  • Horsetail x1

Jueyun Gouba:

  • Horsetail x2
  • Rice x2
  • Ham x1
  • Jueyun Chili x1

This was our guide on how to locate and farm Horsetail in Genshin Impact. If you want more Genshin articles then check out this guide on how to make the Sweet Cider Lake drink.