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Where To Find And How To Catch Cerulean Cicada In Palia 

Here is how to find and catch Cerulean Cicada in Palia and unlock new accomplishments.

Cerulean Cicada of Palia is an uncommon insect players often have a hard time catching. But you must catch this insect for Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector & Master Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector’s accomplishments. At the time of writing, there are three kinds of Cicada: Common Bark Cicada, Uncommon Cerulean Cicada, and Rare Spitfire Cicada. If you have caught the common one, you will easily understand and catch the uncommon variant. But in case you haven’t, just read along and master bug-catching.

How to Find and Get Cerulean Cicada in Palia

How To Catch Cerulean Cicada In Palia

Cerulean Cicada is found on the medium and large Heartwood trees of Bahari Bay between 3 am to 6 pm. They look like Spitfire and Bark Cicada but have blue wings and white body. It is easy to confuse them with Common Blue Butterflies from afar. But don’t approach them with haste, slowly check if they are Cerulean Cicada and then follow the steps to catch them in Palia.

  • Hold the R button and select the belt, make sure you have a Smoke Bomb with you.
  • Aim and fire the bomb on the insect.
  • It will not stop at just one bomb, but the Cerulean Cicada is not as fast as many other Palia bugs. Run around and keep throwing bombs at it, till it drops.
  • Once it falls, go near it and collect it for the accomplishments.
  • There is no type restriction here. But the catch rate changes with the level of the item you have. For example, if you have a Makeshift Belt, the Cerulean Cicada catch rate will be 40%. And if you are using Exquisite Belt, then the rate is 70%.

That’s all on how to find and catch Cerulean Cicada in Palia. As you progress, you will need several types of creatures, some for accomplishments and some for quests. So you should check our Palia guides and learn about the quests, and species related to those tasks. You can start with catching Oily Anchovy and then grab some crabs.

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