Palia: How To Catch Crabs & Find Them

Here is how you can catch Crabs in Palia.

Wondering how to catch Crabs in Palia? The community sim MMO from Singularity 6 includes a wide variety of insects that can be hunted. Among them are Crabs which belong to various species and habitats. Similarly, you will also need different tactics to catch them. So, if you are failing to catch crabs like Bahari, Spineshell, Vampire, and the like, check out our guide below.

How to Catch Crabs in Palia

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You can catch Crabs in Palia by using Smoke Bombs only. There is no other way to catch these insects. Just make sure to sneak up on these crabs and then use Smoke Bombs. If you are too loud during your approach, it may spook the crabs and make them run off. So ensure you use stealth walk while hunting crabs in Palia. Beachcomber Cove, Flooded Fortress, and other areas are the best locations to find Crabs.

As mentioned already, players can only catch Crabs with the help of Smoke Bombs. These help stun the crabs and make it easier for you to catch them. Here are all the types of Smoke Bombs available:

  • Standard Smoke Bomb
  • Sneaky Smoke Bomb
  • Sticky Smoke Bomb
  • Supreme Smoke Bomb

If you fall short of Smoke Bombs, then don’t worry as you can always craft them with the help of specific Smoke Bomb recipes. Once you catch enough Crabs, you can sell them to earn a decent amount of Gold. On the other hand, players can also send the crabs that they have caught as gifts to their friends through the Mailbox System.

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That’s everything covered on how to catch Crabs in Palia. We hope this guide helped you understand how to hunt crabs. If you are running short on Gold, then check out how to make money fast. You can also enjoy a multiplayer game by learning how to play with your friends. And for all other tips, tricks, and farm guides, visit our Palia section on Gamer Tweak.