Oily Anchovy In Palia: How To Find & Catch

Having trouble getting your hands on the Oily Anchovy? Then check out how to find & catch this slimy fish in Palia easily.

The villagers in Palia may ask you to find & catch Oily Anchovy. This is a slimy fish, yet some Majiri still loves its taste. On the other hand, it can also be sold to earn a good sum of Gold. However, Nai’o will be the first to ask you to catch this slimy fish as he wants to sneak off to a concert with Kenyatta. But her mom wants him to gather ingredients for her famous pie. So if you choose to help Nai’o out, then it’ll not only improve your relationship with him but will also grant some rewards. With that being said, let’s check out the best locations to find Oily Anchovy.

Where to Find & Catch Oily Anchovy in Palia (Best Locations)

best locations to find and catch Oily Anchovy In Palia
Source Image: MapGenie

The best location to find & catch Oily Anchovy in Palia is the Proudhorn Pass River in Bahari Bay. There you’ll be able to get this slimy fish at any time of the day, whether it be day or night. But don’t forget, Oily Anchovy can only be caught by using the Worm as bait. Because, just like other fishes, this fish also has a bait preference. If you’re having trouble catching it in the above-mentioned location, then below are some more spots that you can try.

  • Flooded Fortress in Bahari Bay
  • Thorny Thickey in Bahari Bay

These were the locations where players were able to catch the Oily Anchovy. However, you can even explore some other spots, but do note, the water body must be a river and not a pond. After you successfully get it, you can either complete Nai’o’s Everybody Wins quest to get 20x Renown & 10 Tomato Seeds. Or you can simply sell Oily Anchovy and make a profit of 35 Gold.

That covers everything about how you can find & catch Oily Anchovy in Palia easily. If you haven’t adopted a cute animal yet, then check out how to get Pets in the game. Also, take a look at the ways to farm Gold in Palia quickly.