Starfield Can’t Save Or Load Game (Fix)

Unable to Save or Load a game properly in Starfield? Here are a few things that you can try to resolve this issue.

For some reason, Starfield players are having trouble with saving and loading their game. It’s probably a bug that shows a ‘failed to save game data’ error while saving progress. For those trying to access a saved file, for them, the load button is grayed out. Experiencing any of these issues will increase your risk of losing in-game progress. So in this guide, we will mention some solutions to resolve the issue where you can’t save or load a game in Starfield.

How to Fix Can’t Load Save Files Error in Starfield

If the Load button is grayed out for you in Starfield, then you can try the following fixes:

  • Uninstall Mods
    • If you have installed any Mod in Starfield, then make sure to uninstall it right away. There’s a great chance that an existing Mod is interfering with the game’s parameter and is causing this issue.
  • Verify the Integrity of Game Files
    • In your Steam Library, right-click on Starfield > Properties > Installed Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files. This will fix any corrupted file in your game and after a restart, you should be able to load your save game in Starfield.
  • Send Bethesda A Ticket
    • If nothing works for you, then there’s no option left other than contacting Bethesda. You need to access the Starfield Support Website and select the ‘I can’t launch the game’ button. After logging into your Bethesda account, successfully report your issue, and the developer’s team will reach out to you quickly.

For those who can’t load their saved files in Starfield, the above are the only fixes you can try.

Starfield Can’t Save Progress Fix

Starfield Can's Save Game

If you are getting the error, ‘failed to create save game’ while playing Starfield, then you can try the following fixes:

  • Allow Controlled Folder Access
  • Disable OneDrive Sync
  • Changing User Folder Path

Any one of the above three fixes should solve the saving issues for you. If you are not sure about how to execute the fixes above, then be sure to check out our detailed fix guide on Failed To Create Save Game Error in Starfield.

There are plenty of issues and errors that can cause your game to look Blurry. In the worst case scenario, you can even get Stuck on the Loading Screen. If you have encountered such issues, then make sure to check out our guides to resolve them.

And now that you know how to get the Starfield Save and Load (grayed out) issues fixed, we hope you have a great time playing it. If you have any other doubts, then feel free to browse through our Starfield Wiki. You can access plenty of helpful guides from there.

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