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Should You Buy The Ship Warranty Plan In Starfield?

Wondering if you should but the Insurance Warranty in Starfield? Here's our guide explaining if there is any value to purchasing it.

As you traverse the vast galaxy with the help of Grav Drive, you will often find yourself getting annoyed by pesky Salesperson. They are trying to get you to buy the Warranty plan for your Ship in Starfield. While players have the option to shoot and get them to scram, they are also wondering if they should buy the insurance package. As they approach you, you will receive the transmission that your ship’s extended warranty is expiring. If you are confused whether you should buy it or not, here’s our guide.

Key Points

  • Currently, Starship Insurance Limited Warranty costs either 50,000 Credits, 100,000 Credits or 200,000 Credits.
  • While the Powerplant Plus Plans seem really good, they don’t seem worth spending your money on to extend the Warranty plan of your Ship in Starfield.
  • It only gets rid of the pesky Salesperson and no additional features have been found since our ship is yet to be gravely damaged.
  • Best option is to shoot at them and get rid of them.

Is the Ship Warranty Plan Worth Buying in Starfield?

Should You Buy The Ship Warranty Plan In Starfield

No, the Ship Warranty Plan is not really worth spending your hard earned Credits on in Starfield. While they might be annoying every time they pop up, the only benefit of the warranty that we found so far is that you get rid of those pesky Salesperson. Apart from that, there is not much that the ship Warranty plan has to offer in the game.

Once the Salesperson approaches you after a Grav Drive or entering a new System, you will have the option to purchase from either of three warranties. You can either spend 50,000 Credits, 100,000 Credits, and 200,000 Credits, on the Insurance package since each plan covers different types of ship parts or components.

After spending on one, you will get rid of the Salesperson for quite a while since we haven’t encountered them again. However, since we haven’t had our ship damaged, it makes no difference to us. Since you can always try to go for Free Ships, it’s best if you save all your credits and just shoot at them whenever they pop up. While the Ship Warranty Plan is not exactly a scam, it is close to one.

Additionally, do note that not all players get the encounter the Salesperson and there might be some reasoning behind it. That’s all we have on the Ship Insurance Warranty Plan in Starfield and if you should buy it. Since you are playing Starfield, do check out our other guides while you are here at Gamer Tweak. Every player would love to have cheats and console commands for the game and you can check out that guide right here.