Where To Find All Bunkers In Sons Of The Forest (Map Location)

Below are all the 7 bunkers that you can find in Sons of the Forest.

During your Sons of the Forest playthrough, you might come across some Bunker and might wonder where to find the rest. Not only do these places have valuable loot. But often make for good base locations. Sadly, going around looking for them randomly can slow your progress a bit. So in this guide, we have all the bunker locations in Sons of the Forest and where to find them.

All Bunker Locations & Where to Find them in Sons of the Forest

where to find bunkers in sons of the forest
Image Credit: Map Genie

There are mainly 7 bunkers in the game. There are 3 ways to access them. For maintenance bunkers, you will need a Shovel to dig and find the entrance. They are typically near golf carts. Three bunkers can be entered via a cave. And finally, for the last bunker, you will need the VIP Keycard to pass the metal doors. You can find the locations of them all in the above map. Here is what each legend represents:

  • A: Maintenance A
  • B: Maintenance B
  • C: Maintenance C
  • F&D: Cave Entrance to Food & Dining Mall
  • KB: Katana Bunker cave enterance
  • GKB: Guest Key Bunker cave entrance
  • LB: Last Bunker

Maintenance A

maintenance bunker a in sons of the forest

As mentioned previously, before you go looking for any maintenance bunkers make sure you find the Shovel first. This is the location where you get the Firefighter Axe and most importantly the Maintenance keycard.

Maintenance B

This bunker is where you can get the compound bow. You can also find the 3D printer here. But that will be available in other maintenance bunkers as well.

Maintenance C

maintenance bunker c in sons of the forest

Maintenance Bunker C is where you get the Revolver.

Cave Entrance to Food & Dining Mall

Unlike the previous three bunkers, the way you enter here is from a cave. And you shouldn’t skip out on this either. Not only as the name implies, can you find a lot of food here. But you also get the Crossbow and the VIP keycard. The keycard is needed if you plan on completing the story mode of the game.

You can find the Food and Dining bunker northwest from the Maintenance hatch A.

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Where to Find Katana Bunker cave entrance in Sons of the Forest?

While this may appear like a skippable bunker compared to some others. You should check this one out to learn the game’s story better. Not only will the game play an important cutscene here. But you also get the Golden Armor and the Katana here.

The Katana and Golden Armor Bunker is south of the maintenance hatch C, you can get here after crossing three rivers.

Guest Key Bunker cave entrance

This bunker is where you get two weapons and the guest keycard. The weapons are the guitar and Chainsaw. As for the keycard, you will use it to open the door where the chainsaw is here.

The guest key bunker is southwest of Maintenance hatch A.

Last Bunker Location for Sons of the Forest

Last Bunker, while that is not its official name, this is where you can see the end of the story. And to enter it you will have to the VIP keycard. You should also do any other activity before passing through the metal doors here. That is because after this the game completes.

You should go southeast from Maintenance hatch C to get here. It is closer to the beach.

That covers this guide on where to find all bunkers in Sons of the Forest and their map locations. You should also find our guides useful on how to make a tent, and how to complete the Hanged Man Quest. For more help on other topics of this game be sure to check out our Sons of the Forest section.