Sons Of The Forest Ending Explained (Full Walkthrough)

Check out our guide that explains all the Sons of the Forest endings and how to get them.

Similar to its predecessor, Sons of the Forest follows horrific and adrenaline-packed gameplay with an exceptional storyline. But what’s more twisted is its ending which is more brain-teaser than dealing with the monsters and mutants. As you conclude the storyline, multiple endings can differ according to your choices. So, check out our guide that explains all Sons of the Forest endings and how to get them.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains heavy spoilers about the storyline and gameplay. So, if you mind such spoilers, now is the best time to head back and check back, later.

How Many Endings are there in Sons of the Forest?

There are three endings to Sons of the Forest and each of them depends on the choices you make throughout the game. You can get a secret ending aside from the good or bad ending. But there are some prerequisites to getting these endings.

sons of the forest ending explained

How to Get the Ending (Full Walkthrough)

To reach the Sons of the Forest ending, you have to collect all three Keycards scattered around the map. You mainly need to acquire the Maintenance and VIP keycard to get the Golden Armor. If you haven’t obtained it yet, check out our Golden Armor location guide. Once you have acquired these items, head to the final abandoned Bunker. It is located on the southeastern side of the map.

  • From the entrance of the Bunker, head inside by lighting a torch or flashlight.
  • You will come across the Golden Sealed Arm door that is unlocked by wearing the Golden Armor.
  • Once you unlock the Arm door, you will find splurging lava around the cave passage.
  • You must find a way through the dark caves to reach a huge Golden Cube.
  • If you are unable to find the way, focus on reaching the ground level without getting hurt by Lava.
  • As you reach the ground level through rock and rubble, navigate your way to the Golden Cube.
  • You will find the main in green is already standing inside the cube holding a laptop.
  • When you enter the cube, the door will shut down with the guy revealing a ticking countdown in his laptop.
  • While the woman in the silver also tries to get inside the cube, she does not make it in time.
  • Once the countdown ends, the man in the green starts breaking apart with multiple versions of himself.
  • Then, a moment later, you will see a futuristic Ecumenopolis with flying supercars and skyscrapers.
  • When the box turns to normal, you will find the woman in the silver has turned into a mutated large flesh mass.

Finally, you will awake on the beach with two options for ending. You can choose to leave the island with the Man in green and his father by boarding a Rescue helicopter. Alternatively, you can stay on the island alone with the mutants and other monstrosities. Or lastly, you can trigger the secret or perfect ending.

sons of the forest ending explained

All Sons of the Forest Endings (Explained)

As mentioned earlier, your endings depend on the choices you make throughout the playthrough. The endings depend upon boarding the helicopter and if you retrieve your backpack on the ground or not. If you chose to leave the backpack and board the helicopter, you will earn the Fought Demons achievement.

But if you choose to retrieve the backpack, the rescue helicopter will depart from the island leaving you alone on the island. This would reward you with the Fight Demons’ achievement or trophy.

sons of the forest ending explained

How to Get the Secret Ending

You can trigger the Sons of the Forest secret ending if you manage to keep Kelvin and Virginia alive. If you do so, both of your companions will also experience the events or visions of Golden Cube. Lastly, both of your companions also board the rescue helicopter with you. This will earn you the “Keep Your Friends Close” achievement or trophy.

In my opinion, it’s thus far the most perfect ending anyone can achieve. So, check out our guide on the best ways to heal, use, and revive Kelvin. Also, check out our guide on how to heal Virginia for more insight.

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