How To Beat Dreadbloon BTD6 (2023)

Unable to defeat this boss? Check out our boss guide on how to beat the Dreadbloon in Bloons TD 6.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 revolves around Monkeys defending the towers against the incoming Bloons. But as players are encountering the Dreadbloon, they are unable to defeat this boss. Not to worry, check out our boss guide on how to beat Dreadbloon in BTD6.

How to Defeat Dreadbloon in BTD6

The Dreadbloon has the lowest HP out of all the bosses in Bloons TD6. But it balances out its low HP with massive amounts of direct damage mitigation. Having said that, these bosses are also immune to Primarary Towers. The Dreadbloon also spawns with a ceramic rock shell that spawns after every skull. You will face high lead popping damage, different rock bloons, and solid anti-Ceramic as well as anti-MOAB offense.

how to beat dreadbloon btd6
Image Source – ISAB on YouTube.

We have compiled some tips and strategies that can help you defeat the Dreadbloon. So, here’s how you can beat the Dreadbloon in BTD6:

  • As there are different tiers of Dreadbloons, you need to take on different tower categories to beat them. For the earlier tier of Dreadbloons, you can use the Sticky Bomb and Artillery Battery.
  • On the other hand for higher tiers, we suggest focusing only on using high DPS with the best Support.
  • While the Sticky bomb can throw powerful timed charges, the Artillery Battery unleashes a rapid-fire attack.
  • The Artillery Battery can cause more damage to the Boss Bloons and upgrades to 3 barrels for faster attacks.
  • The tower class immunity of the Dreadbloon cycles between different Tower classes. These include the Primary, Military, Magic, and Support respectively.
  • You can use these exact defenses in that particular order to damage the Dreadbloon in BTD6.
  • This boss has no direct time gating between every skull. You can use the Deadly or Perma Spikes to break through these multiple skulls.
  • Alternatively, you can also use a high-damage setup to break through the skulls.
  • But as soon as you hit the skull health, Dreadbloon can create another rock shield cycling through different immunities.
  • Although you may encounter different Rock Bloons, we suggest focusing only on the Dreadbloon.
  • You can use bursty abilities like MOAB Eliminator and First Strike Capability to cause massive damage.

Speaking of the best hero to choose, we recommend picking Benjamin. Along with the high-income production, it also buffs Monkey Banks. To defeat the Dreadbloon, you need massive farming with efficient Support.

That’s everything covered about how to beat Dreadbloon in BTD6. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on how to beat Bloonarius, Gravelord Lynch, Vortex, and more Bloons TD 6 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.