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How To Beat Gravelord Lych In BTD 6

Here is a guide on beating the Gravelord Lych Boss in Bloons Tower Defence 6.

With the Halloween update comes the new Boss type, Gravelord Lych. This is the second boss to be introduced, right after Bloonarius the Inflator Boss in Bloons Tower Defence 6. The Gravelord Lych Boss has some unique abilities compared to the prior Boss, proving to be a challenge for the players. In this guide, I will explain how to beat the Lych in BTD6.

How to Beat Gravelord Lych in BTD6

gravelord lych in btd 6

Like any Boss Battle, Farming is Key. The more money you can obtain from the early game, the better your chances to beat the Gravelord Lych. Monkey Farms are your best friends, especially the Top-Path and Bottom-Path. If there are water tiles then Merchant Men and Favored Trades are a must for getting Cash. Towers that will help before you can get stupid amounts of money are Sticky Bomb Ninja, Bloonjitsu Ninja, and Stronger Stimulant Alchemist.

Your main damage dealing towers are M.A.D. Dartling Gunner, Avatar of Wrath Druid, True Sun God Super Monkey, and the Paragons. These are very expensive towers and hence require a lot of greed to get them. Along with these towers, you will need to buff them with Overclock Engineer Monkey, Permanent Brew Alchemist, and Homeland Defense Monkey Village. Bosses in BTD6 are difficult as you need good towers, and these towers are expensive. Your victory lies in how well you can manage your Cash in BTD 6.

What is the Gravelord Lych?

The Gravelord Lych in BTD 6 has the abilities of Necromancy and the Dark Arts. Its Gimmick is that it will absorb any Buffs that are on nearby Monkeys and regenerate health from it. Any appliable Buffs or Buffs granted by Ability activation will be nullified. Permanent Boosts like the Sun Temple won’t be affected. Also, selling any Tower in the presence of the Gravelord Lych will heal it. When the Health of the Gravelord Lych has reached a Skull, it will go into an Ethereal form.

In this form, it cannot be damaged and it resurrects recently popped MOABs. Until the resurrected MOABs and the life-draining Lych-soul Bloon are not popped, the Gravelord Lych will remain in its Ethereal form. Don’t worry as the resurrected MOABs do not spawn children as they are popped. Compared to Bloonarius the Inflator, the Gravelord Lych has a faster movement speed but with lesser health. The Gravelord Lych has the same immunities as Bloonarius the Inflator.

The Gravelord Lych has 5 Skulls on its health bar for all of its tiers and health goes from 14K, 52.5K, 245K, 525K, and 2.1M as the Tiers increases. The Elite Gravelord Lych has 7 Skulls instead of 5 Skulls and their healths go up as 30K, 180K, 1.2M, 4.8M, and 24M as the Tiers increases. For every player present in the multiplayer Boss Event, the health of Gravelord Lych will increase by 20%, 40%, and 60% for 2 players, 3 players, and 4 players respectively.

This was all about beating the Gravelord Lych in BTD6. Hopefully, this guide helped you in beating it. You can also check our guides on our website, Gamer Tweak.