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BTD 6 Vortex Boss Guide: How To Beat It

Learn how to Beat Vortex the Deadly Master of Air in BTD 6 from this guide.

BTD 6 is a fun game of Monkeys VS Bloons where you defend with your Monkeys against the hordes of Bloons. Now, they have brought forth another Boss, Vortex: Deadly Master of Air. The last 2 Bosses either has a lot of health or summon Bloons from the dead. Vortex, on the other hand, concentrates on Speed. It is one quick Boss & hence got the name of Speedy Boi. If you are not wary of it, you will lose to Vortex. In this guide, I will show you how to Beat Vortex: Deadly Master of Air in BTD 6.

How to Beat the Vortex Boss in BTD 6

beat vortex btd 6

As I have mentioned before, Vortex is the fastest Boss in BTD 6. To beat it, you will need need to be efficient with your Farming. Like any Boss Battle, Farming is Key. The more money you can obtain from the early game, the better your chances to beat Vortex. It is relatively faster than other Boss Bloons. Not only that, but Vortex also speeds up the Bloons & MOABS that were naturally spawned by 2.5x. Its Skull ability will stun all nearby Monkeys as well as spawn some Children Bloons. This Stun will also trigger every 5 seconds. All towers will be stunned including non-damaging Towers like Banana Farms. Also, all entities placed on the path, except for the ones placed by Heroes or Powers, will be removed. As such, the best towers to deal with the Vortex are the ones with a global range like Snipers & Dartling Gunner.

So Monkeys like the Dartling Gunner, specifically the M.A.D., & Sniper Monkey, specifically the Elite Defender, will be your choice of towers. Till round 39, you should concentrate on getting a lot of Money through Farming. Once the first Vortex arrives, place an Elite Defender at the side and sell it off once you have defeated Vortex Tier 1. The strat is similar for Tier 2 as well but you will another tower-like Ninja Master Bomber. For Tiers 3, 4, & 5, you will need Paragons. The Apex Plasma Master is the easiest one to get and can be bought for Tier 3 & Tier 4. For Tier 5, you will want to buy everything you can from a Vengeful True Sun God, Navarch of the Seas, Apex Plasma Master, The Legend of the Night, etc. This is how you will be able to beat Vortex in BTD 6.

General Tips & Tricks for Vortex

  • Vortex will stun your Monkeys so having Snipers is the cheapest form of defense.
  • You can also use Monkey Subs with Advanced Intel to have a water-based defense.
  • At any given chance you should be Farming.
  • Farming can be done in any form like Banana Farms, Trade Empire, Elite Sniper, etc.
  • Whenever you have beaten one Tier of Vortex, sell your defense towers for cheap ones and get back to farming.
  • Start building up the monkeys for your Paragons as early as possible.
  • Use either Benjamin the Code Monkey or Geraldo the Mystic Shopkeeper as Heroes.
  • Whenever you hit the Skull, Vortex will get Knocked back a bit which gives your Monkeys enough time to do more damage.
  • Try and balance this so that you can earn more money.
  • Ninja Master Bomber can be your Clutch tower as the Sticky bomb from it cannot be nullified. This is a good form of damage in very clutch situations.

This was all about how to beat Vortex in BTD 6. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can check out our other Bloons Boss articles like How To Beat Gravelord Lych & How To Beat Bloonarius in Bloons Tower Defence 6